Nokia Symbian Phones as datalogger

Posted by Marlow on 10 November 2008 in English (English)

When I was on the continent in the last 2 weeks, I found that Nokia has an application called SportsTracker for Symbian based phones.

Essentially that allows to log a gpstrace on my Nokia E90 Communicator and export it to GPX afterwards. Very handy indeed, especially for the phones that have build-in GPS. That way I don't have to carry a laptop around.

Comment from JoergZdarsky on 10 November 2008 at 22:14

Interesting. I am having a Nokia N95, and i am too thinking about to use it for GPS Tracking. I am unsure of how exact the logging with those devices is. But maybe i should give it a try...

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Comment from Marlow on 10 November 2008 at 22:18

They are precise enough as such, depending on where you position the phone. However aquisition time is rather long, it's harsh on the battery and they loose the satelite connection in every crucial moment.

I'm using the E90 with a bluetooth GPS mouse. The advantage is, that in the memory of the phone you can track far more points, then for example in a standard gps logger.

In case of no other option, the internal GPS is always better than nothing.

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