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shops as closed-Way building outlines, but also as Nodes in the center? 6 months ago

The main problem does not seem to be the POI tagging style (node vs. way), but the ignorance of existing POI data and strange explanations (at least I did not understand it at all) to justify this duplication.

I don't want to misdirect the discussion, but want to add that if tagging the POI as separate node I put the address on both the POI node and the building. Yes, duplication, but not comparable to POI duplication. Nominatim didn't inherit the building address, but guessed from the nearest street, which failed in some cases - this may have changed meanwhile, I don't know. Practically it's the same reason as for adding more address data than just housenumber and street: reliability without hoping the data consumer does it right.

Schnalles Hafen 6 months ago

Willkommen bei OpenStreetMap! Kommentare zu den Änderungen wären allerdings in den Changesets besser aufgehoben, die wurden bislang alle kommentarlos gespeichert.

Interesting OSM Find of the Day 8 months ago

This town had been moved and changed to a post office in the same changeset. In fact all changes by this user are totally insane, I have reverted them. Maybe he should be contacted.

Improve a map - before and after 11 months ago

A playground named McDonalds and no fast food restaurant around? (btw: the correct spelling is McDonald's)

We can no longer go on like this about 1 year ago

Exactly, what's the point in allowing empty comments at all?

Keine AHNUNG was ich hier mache ,... over 1 year ago

Oh oh, na dann hoffentlich nicht in meiner Mapping-Gegend :)