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Using OSM on a phone Part 2 (plus a protoype) over 4 years ago

Another thing I forgot to mention was that I only learnt to write slippy maps this afternoon. Writing device-independant JavaScript I'm sure is difficult. But this wasn't really the point of the excercise. I'll try to find out out how to fix it, but as the whole prototype could disappear from the site in a week, I'm not sure it's worth it.

using osm on a phone over 4 years ago

The comment wasnt really about a specific application, more about the invisibilty of links to applications that use osm. I suspect that many people who are looking for an alternative to Google who land on openstreet are lost as potential users simply because they dont understand what's going on on that page.

Looking at osmand it looks like it has great features but is mind numbingly complicated to use. It seem that none of the current osm based apps so far on android has a user interface designer on the team, they are all designed by people with a love of mapping.