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OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike about 1 month ago

Wasn't OSM founded on the concept of free and open data. 'Open' data with silly licenses is not open, it is licensed. just my .02$

Cheers ;)

Copyrighting Location Based Facts? 7 months ago

I would never do anything that is questionable with regard to the OSM project. I was just throwing it out there to see what people think/ say.

I started to think this morning; I go and take a gps reading at the center of my downtown. It is literally 5 feet from a lat/ long that is copyrighted by a commercial map provider. they have the same name as well. Can I publish this location and name, or does someone own it!?!??

Russia Data Questions about 1 year ago

Zverik, I have a few questions with regard to the data you told me to look at ( The data isn't for the entire nation is it? When extracting the files there are two for every admin 1. For example there is a 01_F_201(Республика Адыгея).gpx and a 01_F_202_нп (Республика Адыгея).gpx do you know what the difference is between these for all of the files? I do not know what a "_нп" represents? I reached out to liosha through a message and on the forum, but have not heard anything back as of yet. Are the pdf's parsed from data located here:


Russia Data Questions about 1 year ago

Zverik, Thank you for the information. I will have to research the link and data you sent above. I have been contacting people all day and inofrmaion is starting to come back so I have to follow up on every lead! I did reach out to who I think is the head person at Yandex Geo, but in all honesty I have no clue (I am on facebook but not VK/ VKontakte) - and they do not seem to be on facebook. Any information I receive I plan on sharing with the larger OSM/ gis-lab community. I hope I find what I am looking for soon!

Russia Data Questions about 1 year ago

aseerel4c26 - my questions are above. Could you assist?

Russia Data Questions about 1 year ago

Zverik, I am looking for official sources of locational data. I have found what I believe to be valuable data here: KLADR ( ... nce/kladr/ ) and FIAS ( ) but there isn't any latitude/ longitude. I am looking for something like that - whether it is point, polygon data or csv data with latitude/ longitude, etc. Or just any knowledge of who to contact or knowledge of such data. Could you assist!?

The European Environment Agency gives the Corine Land cover data to Nokia about 1 year ago

Maybe Navteq/ Nokia should give back some of its data...

New potential data sources almost 2 years ago

I do not know how to go in that page and edit it, sorry!?

Technical data of wind turbines in Danmark are online available about 2 years ago

what is the source of the data?

Airport Runway Names over 2 years ago

I was looking for official names of the airports/ airstrips, not the actual runway numbered names. Sorry about the confusion ;)

Airport Runway Names over 2 years ago

I originally found them on LandSat data I downloaded from GLOVIS. I just put up a google link to ask people about them. I didn't plan on using google for names or geometry in the creation of data. I was just wondering about the names. Thanks to all who responded.