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Bagyr and Yanbash about 1 month ago

I wish I were there to help! This is beyond amazing work; thank you so much!!! Justin

Indonesian Political / Administrative Boundary 4 months ago

You can download the Desa boundaries. The difficult part is having them agree to us importing into OSM, and you have to get the larger OSM community to agree on the import (*which is just as difficult). Alt Text

OpenStreetMap 13th Anniversary Birthday party in Minsk, Belarus 8 months ago

This is Amazing! Cheers!

The OSM street network is more than 80% complete 8 months ago

where do you get the ~23% of the world's roads are in the US figure from? I didn't see a source for that figure in the paper?

The OSM street network is more than 80% complete 9 months ago

I map a lot of places in OSM. ( I think your numbers are way off (especially after looking at your first post, now your new number). Do either of you actively map in OSM? You would get a better feel for what is missing where and have a better grasp on completeness.


Iraq village cleanup 9 months ago

I downloaded a ton of NGA data when it somehow was released to the public if you would like that to help with such a project. There are a few other datasets that could help along the way too if you need resources

What should I do with my GPX files? 10 months ago

here's the larger image:

What should I do with my GPX files? 10 months ago

I use these:

create monthly backups

What should I do with my GPX files? 10 months ago

I've been doing this for over a year! Alt text

High-resolution mapping of the Southern-most location in the Caribbean (Turbo, Antioquia, Colombia) about 1 year ago

what can I do to help you? Thanks! Justin

Totalrevision der Verordnung über das eidgenössische Gebäude- und Wohnungsregister (VGWR) over 1 year ago

Thanks! Do you know the person in charge of that project? Is there an updated list of sources/ sites as per the data? Cheers

Totalrevision der Verordnung über das eidgenössische Gebäude- und Wohnungsregister (VGWR) over 1 year ago

@SimonPoole, is there open address point data for the entire nation? Thanks!

Philippines Admin 4 Shapefile Data!!!!!!!! over 1 year ago

I am just sharing with the osm community - license/ metadata is in a txt file included with the data

I work with admin boundaries globally every day. I have no plans for these - OSM people get all wild about imports, data, etc. So if it come to that, the larger community can discuss - I am just a data guy -

If you need boundaries for any specific country let me know - I have tons of them ;)

I just trace imagery...

Cheers, J

Making a multilingual map of India using OpenStreetMap data about 2 years ago

do you have the raw data used for the names? and the wiki ids?

Belarus shapefile data over 2 years ago

Yes, I just wanted to share ;)

All Municipalities in Nicaragua over 2 years ago

do you have the raw shapefile data from the government?

Adding missing towns and villages in OSM over 2 years ago

Jothirnadh, I will send you some updated nga locations and will shift them based on macthing village and urban area within settlement to help your team. I can send in a csv or shapefile format. I will do Karnataka as a poc for your team message me your email

Today is thanksgiving in the US so I will be with friends and family, but will be working on this for you guys here and there.


Community mapping in Cape Town over 2 years ago

amazing work!! check out their open data here:

cheers!! Justin

Why am I against wholesale import of administrative boundaries from any 3rd party source for the Philippines over 2 years ago

I agree with Maning. GADM is junk in my opinion. I have reached out to Dr. Hijmans ( numerous times and have spoken on the phone with him with regard to the data and sources. He does not feel the need to cite his sources. He does not know where all the data is from!? And he is impossible to work with. You could send him 50 e-mails and he will not reply (yes, I did this and he does not reply...).

At one point there was a license for the data mentioned - it was a non-commercial.

I think talking with the proper government agency in the country the boundaries are for in any country is best. If a nation does not have quality data with a proper license, then users should take action and go out and map.

South Kivu RGC pre-existing map - has anyone seen this yet? almost 3 years ago

they released data about three years ago:

this is shapefile data. not sure the copyright/ scale/ etc. I reached out to them in the past, but had no luck receiving any follow-up.