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Mapping of Sukadana about 1 month ago

just sent the e-mail. let me know if the desa names are correct. Thanks!

Mapping of Sukadana about 1 month ago

can i send you a shapefile of the desas in the area so you could confirm them?

New Zealand Data Help 2 months ago

DaCor, this is my first time using it. From my understanding the NZ government is pretty good about opening up data to the public. I believe they are just getting back from a holiday, so hopefully I hear from them soon. Please vote and encourage your friends and colleagues to vote.

I also filed a request here:

These seem to be granted quite often.

Thank you!!

How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? 5 months ago

Strava doesn't share data back with the larger community; reaching out to them is a joke...

If I were trying to get a accurate GPS trail through heavy foliage I would hike/ bike/ walk/ drive the route several times and average out the data; take a few geotagged pics. Line up with some imagery from EarthExplorer (if in US) - and make it yourself. Sometimes emailing county gis departments or park departments for baseline data doesnt hurt.


India Villages 8 months ago

Alt text

dlr data help 9 months ago

Festive. Does anyone here have any contacts there that may be able to change that!? It seems like the osm community has a strong voice in getting data from governments. In all honesty, I am willing to bet the agency uses osm data... so you would think they would have a working relationship with osm and the mapping community.

Cheers, Justin

dlr data help 9 months ago

Who funds them? Isn't Deutschland all about open data!?!?? Is there anyway to formally request access to this information? You would think they would want to share it...???

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike about 1 year ago

Wasn't OSM founded on the concept of free and open data. 'Open' data with silly licenses is not open, it is licensed. just my .02$

Cheers ;)

Copyrighting Location Based Facts? over 1 year ago

I would never do anything that is questionable with regard to the OSM project. I was just throwing it out there to see what people think/ say.

I started to think this morning; I go and take a gps reading at the center of my downtown. It is literally 5 feet from a lat/ long that is copyrighted by a commercial map provider. they have the same name as well. Can I publish this location and name, or does someone own it!?!??

Russia Data Questions almost 2 years ago

Zverik, I have a few questions with regard to the data you told me to look at ( The data isn't for the entire nation is it? When extracting the files there are two for every admin 1. For example there is a 01_F_201(Республика Адыгея).gpx and a 01_F_202_нп (Республика Адыгея).gpx do you know what the difference is between these for all of the files? I do not know what a "нп" represents? I reached out to liosha through a message and on the forum, but have not heard anything back as of yet. Are the pdf's parsed from data located here:


Russia Data Questions almost 2 years ago

Zverik, Thank you for the information. I will have to research the link and data you sent above. I have been contacting people all day and inofrmaion is starting to come back so I have to follow up on every lead! I did reach out to who I think is the head person at Yandex Geo, but in all honesty I have no clue (I am on facebook but not VK/ VKontakte) - and they do not seem to be on facebook. Any information I receive I plan on sharing with the larger OSM/ gis-lab community. I hope I find what I am looking for soon!

Russia Data Questions almost 2 years ago

aseerel4c26 - my questions are above. Could you assist?

Russia Data Questions almost 2 years ago

Zverik, I am looking for official sources of locational data. I have found what I believe to be valuable data here: KLADR ( ... nce/kladr/ ) and FIAS ( ) but there isn't any latitude/ longitude. I am looking for something like that - whether it is point, polygon data or csv data with latitude/ longitude, etc. Or just any knowledge of who to contact or knowledge of such data. Could you assist!?

The European Environment Agency gives the Corine Land cover data to Nokia about 2 years ago

Maybe Navteq/ Nokia should give back some of its data...

New potential data sources over 2 years ago

I do not know how to go in that page and edit it, sorry!?

Technical data of wind turbines in Danmark are online available about 3 years ago

what is the source of the data?

Airport Runway Names over 3 years ago

I was looking for official names of the airports/ airstrips, not the actual runway numbered names. Sorry about the confusion ;)

Airport Runway Names over 3 years ago

I originally found them on LandSat data I downloaded from GLOVIS. I just put up a google link to ask people about them. I didn't plan on using google for names or geometry in the creation of data. I was just wondering about the names. Thanks to all who responded.