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Andaraí 12 months ago

Ó, já arrumei um! =D

Firefox OS 12 months ago

I've been thinking on getting a smartphone with Firefox OS... I've been using OSMAnd on Android (I wish it had a version for Firefox OS.). Recently I tried out two apps for Firefox OS on my Android (yes, it is possible!), tried Evernav and Kosmos Maps, they look good, but I couldn't try too much, they became heavy using them on Firefox on Android in a just fair hardware (Xperia Mini Pro, sk17a).

Andaraí 12 months ago

Valeu! Agora ando tentando angariar mapeadores onde trabalho, assim mais comunidades serão mapeadas. Eu já vou começar a observar o entorno do Complexo do Alemão, pois já vi que ainda falta muitas ruas, mesmo fora das favelas.

Morro da Formiga 12 months ago

No problem about the English, I'm glad you had the intrest in read this post even written in Portuguese.

Thank you, for the hint. I'll try this. I would search for the solution in Brazilian forum or Portuguese wiki, which is a little confusing (because of translations and differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese terms), and I have no idea of which term in English to search in en-wiki. Anyway, now I have the term. ;)

Vila São Jorge about 1 year ago

Valeu, tenho tentando fazer o que está a meu alcance... também porque ajuda no meu trabalho. ;-)