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map styles: Default OSM vs Google Maps about 2 months ago

This may also be an interesting area: Google Maps doesn't do a great job here either: it's not clear what's water and what's road, although I see they have improved it a bit since last year.

Belgian Mappers of the Month: Ruben & Josefien 3 months ago

Ha, I can tell you those badges don't work nearly as much as we'd hoped. People don't really look that close at you. (That would be awkward.) That's why we are designing T-shirts now, they are much more visible!

We've drawn a lot of attention to ourselves while collecting POIs in the Kerkstraat, one shop owner even talked to us when we were harvesting his opening hours. He couldn't believe we were really doing it for free and thought there was a catch, so he didn't trust us ...