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From the "steps to happiness series": thanking about 2 months ago

I am not quite sure whether you complaing or are really thankful for these deficits.

Single object changesets. Some edits are done by people on the go. e.g. They go to a venue, note the attributes and just add it to the data base: Nothing wrong there! Some people correct the data using OSMI: Better here to upload one correcton at a time in case the new entry is wrong and has to be reversed.

Objects only with name. Is it not better to have this data which can then be improved upon by a user with local knowledge. I agree a note would be better but that is not the issue here.

Changesets without comments. I think comments should be mandatory. Is that what you want?

In JOSM you cannot delete a relation without a warning: I don't know about other editors! I can see your point on modifying relations (and multipolygons), however. An alert would be nice.