Mapper since: April 22, 2012 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 2 years ago

Hi my name is Jonatan, and i have a obsession with maps. I casually edit whenever i can, using ID or Potlatch, depending on the situation. I would like to get better, learn how to use a better program (ex. JOSM), and get experience in mapping IRL. I visit openstreetmaps EVERY day (allmost literally) since i think that many areas simply looks astonishing to me, being able to read the feel of the map as a place i could be, and simply the ascetics of the map. So if i could learn to use my time more constructively then i would probably do more edits. I currently have a hard time starting using JOSM, but i think i am gonna get there eventually, as i also love being places, so i might as well make tracks while i'm there. If you feel like contacting me, or helping me. Then please send me a message.