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Market shares of editors about 1 year ago

Why on earth did you include Merkaator in the graphs?

Why not? It had over 5% market share in 2010, it has been maintained again for a couple years now, it has been ported to Qt 5, and it is still a great option as you can see from the productivity stats.

For all those who dropped Merkaartor during the time where it was unmaintained and stuck on Qt 4, you may want to give it another chance.

African Roads and a Western Bias in Mapping about 2 years ago

Many roads are residential in town; they turn into a track as they go out into the countryside; and eventually become walking paths. In short, they defy a simple classification.

In that case, you should split the segment, and tag the relevant parts as highway=residential, highway=track and highway=path. This issue is not specific to Africa, and splitting the segment is the right answer world-wide.

Additionally, some explicit transport mode restrictions can also be helpful especially if using certain vehicles beyond a certain point is explicitly banned or strongly recommended against by signage. The surface= key has already been mentioned by other posters.