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closed 218483

Dolnopotočná je v celom úseku obojsmerná ulica (od križovatky s halenárskou až po OD Jednota)

almost 3 years ago 17 days ago
open 797622 Jose Riha

tu by mala byt odbocka z roznavskej k fresh marketu

6 months ago 24 days ago
open 967681 Jose Riha

tato cast vyzera byt neaktualna - zda sa, ze tuto su nove bytovky

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 395747


almost 2 years ago 2 months ago
closed 840834 seanoneal

The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground. User comments: "Pizzeria closed" (OSM data version: 2016-12-14T16:41:03Z) #mapsme

5 months ago 3 months ago
open 404462 Jose Riha

tento chodnik zrejme bude vyzerat inak

almost 2 years ago 3 months ago
closed 881604 Jose Riha

zel. stanica (OSM data version: 2017-01-19T15:17:02Z) #mapsme

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 512548 Jose Riha

podla bingu to nevyzera, ze by tu mali stat garaze

over 1 year ago 5 months ago
closed 283564 juraj75

Električky 3,7,9

over 2 years ago 5 months ago
closed 118437


over 3 years ago 5 months ago

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