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Posted by Jose Riha on 1 August 2009 in English (English)

I've just returned from a business trip in Switzerland. Went there with an idea to map the surroundings as much as possible in a free time but you know you can't do much mapping by walking. Renting a car would be quite an expensive alternative but listen what happened. Itoworld showed some recent activity in the area I was planning to do so I contacted the guy who's done them and he was so kind that he offered I could borrow his bike for a few days. This way I could pretty much finish the whole village of Schuepfen in a mere 2 days! A nice example of helping out OSM mappers-visitors, don't you think? Oh, and thank you again 6090km! ;-) Joe

Location: Kohlholz, Diemerswil, Verwaltungskreis Bern-Mittelland, Verwaltungsregion Bern-Mittelland, Bern, 3053, Switzerland

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