Raad Ny Foillan

Posted by John Motley on 17 July 2013 in English (English)

Completed route from Port Erin clockwise to Ramsey as follows:- 17/7/13 preparation - 19/7/13 added ways to Raad Ny Foillan route. Glen Mooar - Glen Wyllin New way on beach 230239966 Joined to 25989431 at Glen Mooar and 25987545 at Glen Wyllin
Ballarhennie - Ramsey New way on beach 230240319 Joined to 40509060 at Ballarhennie and 25987685 Mooragh Promenade Note: Existing footpaths at Ballarhenny Beg are offset, so split Orrisdale Road to fill the gap.

Completed route from Douglas Head clockwise to Port Erin CASTLETOWN GAP - See separate diary entry

PORT ST MARY GAP = Chasms Road to Clifton Road (anticlockwise) Added : Chasms road, Fistard Road 25986077 Split Fistard Road 158617622 at kissing gate. Added missing footpath to Perwick Bay from Bing (slightly clearer on 2001 Aerial) Perwick Bay 25988390 Part of ditto 158617624 Added footpath to Clifton Road 230340036 (clearly visible on Bing.) Split to existing footpath to give short section into Clifton Road.

SOUND CAFE GAP - existing is slightly wrong. There is a way existing seaward of the carpark. Other end of Rad Ny Foillan path was wrongly attached to the car park landuse booundary, So tidied up.

PORT ERIN SCRAP - A problem, 'Mauls' current route is wrong. IOM Gov 1:25000 shows RNF along the upper promenade, and along the road to the (walking) entrance to Bradda Glen. There is a waymak at the corner of Strand Road and Shore Road, so I suspect the correct route is to turn at Pye's house and up the concrete slope to the Upper Prom. Trouble is, the Mauls' route is much nicer! DECISION - Delete the detached part part of RNF, as that is definitely wrong anyway!

TO DO - Route through Ramsey - route around Ballure Glen not clear - needs visit. Then the whole thing down the coast to Onchan. Trouble is, I don't know much of it except Clay Head. That can be a job for someone else!

Note:- Route on E side of Spanish Head looks wrong compared to 1:25000 Trouble is, I haven't walked that for 20 years. Time to buy GPS?

Location: St Jude's Road, Lezayre, Ayre, IM7 2ES, Isle of Man

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