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OpenStreetBrowser over 6 years ago

Looks very interesting.

Bamako, Bing, and mapping densely packed areas. over 7 years ago

Yep, lets get to work on Niamey.

Bamako, Bing, and mapping densely packed areas. over 7 years ago

There has been incredible progress in Bamako after Zenfunks request.
It would be fun to collaborately map other areas where the maps could be of use to NGOs etc.

Mapping Niger/Mali- a 1.8 million city pops up over 7 years ago

Happy to help. It's looking good so far. I've been using highway=residential for all the small roads between the houses, but I was wondering whether some may be too small for this. Either way, there are bound to be issues like this, but a useful map is emerging none the less.

Mapping Niger/Mali - WOW, simply WOW... over 7 years ago

Good to hear. What NGOs operate in the area?

Odsherred over 7 years ago

Godt at se at der er aktivitet i Danmark :-)

Smartphones with good GPS over 7 years ago

I am happy with my HTC legend and the GPS accuracy seems to be good.

OSM Live Ticker over 7 years ago

That's fascinating! how is that done?

Is this some kind of easter egg or what is going on? almost 8 years ago

No biggie, but how can stuff like happen?

Nord for Randers almost 8 years ago

Naturligvis, jeg havde fået byttet om på betydningen af Road og Unclassified. De er rettet.

Android tracking tool about 8 years ago

Using it in Denmark and helping out with translation. This tool is getting better and better and the developer seem to be at work on it.