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Leaving messages for edit-work done about 15 hours ago

save saVe save saVe save saVe save saVe save saVe!!!

saved saVed saved saVed saved saVed saved saVed!!!

OK, now I feel better. Sorry for that :D

There's nothing wrong in making verbose changeset comments, a lot better than no comments :)

But, what do you mean by "to keep the messages" and "my last comment will be kept"? Sorry, I don't understand it.

001 about 15 hours ago

Regarding your last edits: We mark post offices with amenity=post_office.

no't download about 1 month ago

@Marián Kyral

Leave it, it's just another brainless spam puppet.

第一次使用 about 1 month ago

Looks like another garbage account registered only to post nonsense; reported as spam.

To all recklessly editing newbies 2 months ago


Sure we should be patient towards newbies, but don't you sometimes want to throw a tantrum when repairing the mess after somebody who had a lot of will to contribute, a lot of valuable information to add, but NEVER F...ING EVER bothered to read any most basic tutorial on OSM Wiki?

Broken geometry, roads not connected to each other but "glued" to landuses, buildings and administrative boundaries instead, absolute ignoring of Name is the name only rule, hiking/cycling routes drawn as new ways above the existing ones... I'm calling it "Potlatch diarrhoea" :) I wonder how other experienced mappers call such cases. By the way, it's not about Potlatch itself, it's about the total ignorance of some overenthusiastic newbies.

Cretarent S.A. 2 months ago

Aaaaaand... reported!

Thêm địa điểm Công ty du lịch quốc tế đại việt. 3 months ago

Your edits look suspicious. Don't you know you do not put addresses on street segments? What's that area with building:levels=30 but no building=* tag? Why are you putting useless advertising text in note tag?

Web version - mobile version - how long does it take? 3 months ago

You have to ask MapsWithMe, they're responsible for updates of their app. Unfortunately they seem to update rarely, like once two months.

OSM Node Density 2014 3 months ago

Yes, please publish the individual steps. I'd like to render a similar map, but only for some smaller regions and with higher zoom levels :)

swslawek 3 months ago


Diseño web Manises - 3 months ago


Cerrajero en Valencia 3 months ago

Crappy edit tidied up, advertising spam reported.

Hello World 3 months ago

Suspected spam puppet account reported.

Εμφανιση στον google map 3 months ago

Spam reported.

Hello World 3 months ago

Why no edits?

Νέο -> Ξενοδοχείο Θέα - Studios & Suites 3 months ago

It's nice you marked the position of your hotel on the map. However, this "diary" is designated for posts regarding OpenStreetMap, not for marketing bullshit! Reported.

Be Bold? 4 months ago

Please do not make shared nodes with other features. Neighborhoods should share nodes only with other neighborhoods. By the way, are these borders you make administrative? Then you should use boundary relations for it.

Dalry toy Library Edinburgh 4 months ago

Certainly it is. Reported.

#STARWAKEPARK 4 months ago

Now you stopped doing any edits and you're not even answering any comments. Hello? Please show some responsibility for your edits!

You're that wakeboarding park's marketing dude and you're completely clueless about what OpenStreetMap is for, aren't you?

Datenschutz bei der Kartographie von Häusern in einer Straße 4 months ago

Vergiss bitte nicht, Änderungssatz-Kommentare zu schreiben :)

Von der Firma Geofabrik kann man kostenlos OSM-Handzettel erhalten, ich habe sie angeschrieben und bekam ein Päckchen dieser Zettel per Post. Diese Handzettel wirken wie Talismane! Trage immer ein paar Stück mit dir, dann wirst du von niemandem bemerkt. Gehe mal ohne dieser Handzettel kartographieren, dann wirst du sicher von einem besorgten Bürger angehalten und befragt :D