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House, Property and Street Numbers, Please add numbers on your street 14 days ago

Street numbers? Don't you mean address numbers?

02203 22 days ago

What exactly is missing and what exactly do you want to add?

Visualizing improvement in improving Carroll County in OpenStreetMap 22 days ago

Something's wrong with the link in your article.

dziwnie oblicza trasę z Niedżwiedzkiej do Wólki Sokołowskiej 27 days ago

"Program liczy"... Jakiego programu do wyznaczania trasy używasz?

I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese about 1 month ago

Chinese are forbidden mapping by their country's law, so they spam and vandalize out of jealousy. Why not ban all Chinese IP?

Willkommen about 1 month ago

Scheiß Werbung!

Mein Test des OpenStreetMap-Blogs about 1 month ago

Wenn es darum geht, in diesem "Zeta Producer" Webseiten mit integrierter Slippy-Map von OSM zu erstellen, dann viel Erfolg! Beachte bitte die tile usage policy.

Wenn es aber nur um Werbung und SEO geht, dann vergiss es und f... dich.

www.schlüsselanhä about 2 months ago


From the "steps to happiness series": thanking about 2 months ago

Oh yeah, objects with only name=* and eventually area=yes... I'm calling it "donkey tags".

Skopanie - nadanie nazw ulic 3 months ago

Fajnie, że zadbano o upublicznienie takiej informacji na stronie gminy.

Mój biznes na OpenStreetMap w pięć minut 3 months ago

Drobny komentarz do Twojej ostatniej edycji: cuisine=wegetariańska,_wegańska to jakiś potworek! Są już przecież ustalone tagi do charakteryzowania restauracji, i wszystko jest w OSM Wiki:

Ech, biznesmeny...

How do I mark a route? 3 months ago

If it's a public route (like a hiking, sightseeing or cycling route, published in tourist guides and marked somewhere in the terrain), it can be added into OpenStreetMap, as a route relation including road segments of which the route consists. It might be complicated for a newbie, feel free to ask for help.

Otherwise, maybe try uMap (mentioned by a colleague above) or QGIS (free desktop software, capable of producing book-quality printed maps).

Leaving messages for edit-work done 3 months ago

save saVe save saVe save saVe save saVe save saVe!!!

saved saVed saved saVed saved saVed saved saVed!!!

OK, now I feel better. Sorry for that :D

There's nothing wrong in making verbose changeset comments, a lot better than no comments :)

But, what do you mean by "to keep the messages" and "my last comment will be kept"? Sorry, I don't understand it.

001 3 months ago

Regarding your last edits: We mark post offices with amenity=post_office.

no't download 4 months ago

@Marián Kyral

Leave it, it's just another brainless spam puppet.

第一次使用 5 months ago

Looks like another garbage account registered only to post nonsense; reported as spam.

To all recklessly editing newbies 5 months ago


Sure we should be patient towards newbies, but don't you sometimes want to throw a tantrum when repairing the mess after somebody who had a lot of will to contribute, a lot of valuable information to add, but NEVER F...ING EVER bothered to read any most basic tutorial on OSM Wiki?

Broken geometry, roads not connected to each other but "glued" to landuses, buildings and administrative boundaries instead, absolute ignoring of Name is the name only rule, hiking/cycling routes drawn as new ways above the existing ones... I'm calling it "Potlatch diarrhoea" :) I wonder how other experienced mappers call such cases. By the way, it's not about Potlatch itself, it's about the total ignorance of some overenthusiastic newbies.

Cretarent S.A. 5 months ago

Aaaaaand... reported!

Thêm địa điểm Công ty du lịch quốc tế đại việt. 6 months ago

Your edits look suspicious. Don't you know you do not put addresses on street segments? What's that area with building:levels=30 but no building=* tag? Why are you putting useless advertising text in note tag?

Web version - mobile version - how long does it take? 6 months ago

You have to ask MapsWithMe, they're responsible for updates of their app. Unfortunately they seem to update rarely, like once two months.