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Updating Sisters, Oregon almost 4 years ago

Hi prathbun, and welcome to OSM!
Please be careful with the sources you use - Yahoo! and Bing have given a specific license to OSM to use their imagery, however Google has not and should _not_ be used. Doing so could pollute the open status of OSM and prevent re-use of the resulting map.
There's lots of information in the Wiki, and don't be put off by the legal bits. Pick a nice sunny day and get the GPS out yourself - it's amazing how many mistakes you'll find in so-called professional maps!

Mapping improvements made possible by [[Bing]] almost 4 years ago

The talk mailing list included the announcement of an aerial image age viewer which uses the Bing API to display (presumably copyright) dates as an overlay to the images.

Unfortunately I must have been out when the camera flew over my house so dating the image by the colour of my car is not possible. Other features suggest the imagery is at the new end of my local quoted date range of 2004-08 - 2009-10.

New GPS iBlue 747 over 6 years ago

If you can live without a keyboard (useful for direct entry of street names when surveying), a N800 or 770 works well. If you can stretch to the N800, the additional CPU runs [[Maemo mapper]] very smoothly, and give a good mapping workflow (see for details).

From general comments, although the N810 has a GPS built in, an external BT device will give much better performance. For the best accuracy, try attaching your BT GPS to the shoulder strap of a backpack using rubber bands. This works well with a hydration pack for longer trips.

GPS logging on the Grand Union Canal over 6 years ago

Thanks Skywave - I'd seen the tailored map rendering for Cyclists, but not this one for canals. Looks like there is some very useful canal mapping going on.

I have seen other canal mapping sites, but none with the Creative Commons license for data: is commercial has excellent data but looks to be going commercial. It is based on Google Maps making it hard to run locally, although the WWW server module may be portable.