Germany - Hessen - Hofheim am Taunus and more

Posted by JND on 5 May 2009 in English (English)

...I've become a bit lazy updating the diary - too much to read on the mailing lists and two many new features to learn with JOSM.

The last major walking tour has been in Hofheim am Taunus following again one of the recommendations of the Kompass-Wanderf├╝hrer. Some day I will include the respective relations...

It is really hard to decide, what kind of way it is. I use more and more tracks grade2-4 in the woods now but use path/sac_scale=hiking or mountain-hiking when the path is comparable to apline routes...

Location: Weilbach, Fl├Ârsheim, Main-Taunus-Kreis, Regierungsbezirk Darmstadt, Hesse, 65439, Germany

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