Mapper since: September 27, 2013

Welcome to my profile!

My OpenStreetMap specializations are Dutch railways and general detailing within the municipality of Enschede (NL). This because I was raised in Enschede and nowadays study railway engineering.


Through my work, I gained access to a lot of data from the Dutch railway infrastructure provider ProRail. When this happened, I explicitly asked permission to implement the data in OSM as open data. This was accepted and confirmed by e-mail. After some consult with the Dutch OSM community, I decided that railway geometry and speed limits had priority. The downside is that implementing this needs a lot of manual editing; railways simply cross a lot of nodes like level crossings and stop positions, but making good bridges is most of the work. During the implementation I also make sure that all switches are consistently mapped, along with their type (default, single slip, double slip, etc).


Since I have lived in Enschede for a long time, I know quite a lot about it's topography and construction projects. I enjoy improving OSM with that knowledge. Note though that I strongly stick to the municipality's borders, in order to keep it all manageable.