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Motorway Junction Node Placement 2 months ago

Great! Happy mapping!

Motorway Junction Node Placement 3 months ago

Dear Daniel, I agree with the need for consistency. Your conclusion IMHO creates inconsistency, unfortunately.

Early 2017 both the Dutch and German communities worked out a solution on Kreuz Köln-Sud: This solution was based upon a discussion which you can find here and includes the tagging of change:lanes and turn:lanes:

I hope Mapbox will adopt the 'Kreuz Köln-Sud' solution. Cheers, Johan

Vision? over 3 years ago

@ Flo

I had done some (much less than you) manual address mapping in the past years. Maybe something like just 7.000 addresses or so. So I know the feeling that can arise when such a contribution is simply being deleted. After extensive discussions in the community (face to face, the forum and the wiki) a number was set: if an importer would have to delete more than a 100 manually mapped addresses that person should be contacted beforehand, to ask him/her to help in the import and to decide what to do with the manually mapped addresses. I didn't do the import in the area where you mapped, so I don't know if that procedure was executed correctly in your case. If not: a sincere apology for that. Since I'm not perfect I made some mistakes during the address and building import, but was glad to see that I was being contacted when a person found that out. In every such case it was possible to undo my mistake.

As about your reference to visually complete data and % of mappers and destroying a community by an automated import: I can't find figures showing that. Personally, I have felt a lot of positive energy in the Dutch address and building import, of which I'm glad that more than 40 community members took part (1 out of every 400.000 Dutch people).

Money! over 3 years ago

"installing a Junta with the person mainly responsible for the current state of affairs in charge, not."

What do you exactly mean by "the current state of affairs"? Is that the financial risk exposure by OSMF for SOTM? No insurance for a hosting location catching fire?

Vision? over 3 years ago

@ Flo as one of the persons behind the Dutch address and building import I'm very interested in some of the things you're writing.

  1. "Mistakes have been made while importing" Could you be more specific on the address and building import?

  2. "due to the visually complete data the NL community has failed to attract a lot of mappers" a. What mapper% is normal for a country? b. How is the Netherlands doing compared to this measure? c. Could you be more specific on the nature of the relationship between visually complete data and % of mappers?

@ Simon "In any case as I pointed out, data doesn't have to be -in- OSM to be usable with our tools and apps" Before the import of addresses and buildings I posted a question on the @import list how to get the Netherlands address database directly into a Geofabrik extract. Since I got now answer, I presumed this was not possible. Is it, one year later, already possible to get an address database directly into a Geofabrik extract?

Cheers, Johan

Complex Intersections, or Why We Should Get Rid Of exit_to almost 4 years ago

Loads of info on tagging destination signs can be accessed through this landing page: