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River names not being displayed over 4 years ago

Sorry, I misread your first post. *Rivers* don't seem to be named. Yes, I've just noticed that myself. I'd keep using the name tag, however, it's the correct one to use. No need to break the database to account for problems in the renderer.

River names not being displayed over 4 years ago

Are you sure they're not being displayed? Have you cleared your browser cache? Streams are named in Mapnik:

OpenStreetMap, the game almost 5 years ago

Hi liftarn - that could also work well, and would likely be simpler to implement. Any development would include, I imagine, a number of play modes for testing.

Cheers, Joseph

OpenStreetMap, the game almost 5 years ago

Hi Sanderd17, apologies for the blog - it requires all comments to be moderated and I've been away from the Internet for much of the evening.

Yes, I'm sure there's lots of options you could think of for use only on bikes / when walking, etc. You could take the basic idea and spin out a load of different apps from it.

I'm not sure what would be needed to turn this idea into a reality, I was going to have a brief think and write another blog post. Please check back and get in contact if you would like to help out.

Cheers, Joseph

Fun with asking for directions in Romania about 5 years ago

It's a good part of the world to get lost though! Myself and a couple of friends once walked from Busteni to Bran over the course of a couple of days. It was only about 5 years ago, but now I look at OSM and think that we could have navigated that distance using nothing more than our mobile phones. Would've made it easier ;)

Potlatch under Ubuntu not usable about 5 years ago

Is working fine for me: Ubuntu 9.10, latest flash non-free and FF 3.5.7

38.57% of UK pubs are on OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

Furthermore, remove the c flag and you'll see that I'm not out by a factor of three:

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -i 'Pub' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx | sort | head
Pub:12 bar
Pub:13th Note Cafe
Pub:1901 Bar & Bistro
Pub:26 Smithfield
Pub:2nd West
Pub:3 Tuns
Pub:4 Aces

I see you've got your own statistics online now, I would recommend double checking them.

Cheers, Joseph

38.57% of UK pubs are on OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

mannequinZOD, have you actually tried the command you suggest?

joseph@joseph-work:~$ grep -ci 'Pub:' united_kingdom_Eating_Drinking.gpx

Which is c.38% of UK pubs, or the numbers I originally posted.

Thanks for contributing, but I would recommend you try the commands you suggest before telling me I'm doing it wrong. For another view, you could also look at the shapefile I link to from my latest blog post.

Cheers, Joseph

House tracing is hard work over 5 years ago

Looks awesome :)

I've done a lot of tracing in that part of the world too!

Cheers, Joseph

newbi almost 6 years ago

There used to be laws against GPS use in Egypt, but those have been lifted. Some parts of the country are very well covered by OSM (Cairo, for example), but there is a lot more that can be done.

I'd be really pleased to see some more Egypt mappers :)

Cheers, Joseph

new "History" Button almost 6 years ago

And some of these areas, as I'm sure you'll have seen, cover a lot of the Earth outside the area you're interested in...