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Edit History partitially broken?

Posted by IOOI on 26 March 2011 in English (English)

Lots of my edits of March 2010 which I did in the area of the Jizera Mountains somehow lost the information that I created those. Lets look at just one example here:

When selecting Way 68344945 in this area using the data overlay of the flyout I now get the following information for this way:

Way 68344945 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 68344945 Details
Edited by filippoo at 2010-07-18T12:12:35Z

Although it says "source: IOOI:GPS" because I tagged this way like this I appear nowhere in the edit history, also not on the pages with the detailed information:

Way: 68344945

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Edited at: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 12:12:35 +0000
Edited by: filippoo
Version: 1
In changeset: 5250597
Comment: Jizerske hory -turist mark
highway = residential
source = IOOI:GPS
surface = asphalt
width = 3
660539237 (also part of ways 68344946 and 51756135)
660539221 (also part of way 51756137)
Part of:
Relation 36420
Relation 387340

This is quite strange since I can clearly see it in my original change set:

but there this part of the way is somehow missing from the list of ways:

Has the following 7 ways:
51756129, v1
51756132, v1
51756134, v1
51756135, v1
51756137, v1
51414759, v3
51511807, v2

Btw. the ways-parts right before and after Way 68344945 still bear my initial creation edit entry:

the way before:

Way 51756135 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 51756135 Details
Edited by filippoo at 2010-07-18T12:12:51Z
Edited by IOOI at 2010-03-05T01:55:01Z

the way after:

Way 51756129 Details
highway: residential
source: IOOI:GPS
surface: asphalt
width: 3
History for Way 51756129 Details
Edited by ell at 2011-01-28T19:24:52Z
Edited by IOOI at 2010-03-05T01:55:01Z

see the whole initial edit on the map here:

And this was only one example out of many of my edits in the Jizera Mountains for which this happened. I leave it to the reader to examine other edits of my history.

So after my lengthy indroduction / eplanation now my questions: Does somebody know what is going on here? What implications does this have in legal ways e.g. I for instance applied to the new contributor terms. So what legal status does a way I created bear when it no loger can be attributed to me but to some mapper who might not have applied to the new contributor terms? Just curious!

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Crumpled City

Posted by IOOI on 6 December 2010 in English (English)

Palomar came up with an interesting concept for deploying city maps. We all know how difficult it is to unfold and later fold a (city) map correctly. The solution of palomar for this: just crumple the map!

I wonder what geodata they use and if they would make an OpenStreetMap version available.

SPON hat einen Artikel zu OSM online

Posted by IOOI on 2 December 2010 in German (Deutsch)

Auf Spiegel-Online gibt es einen längeren Artikel zur Unterstützung von OSM durch Microsoft:,1518,732188,00.html

ein Forum zum Artikel gibt's auch:

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