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Evening Dressses over 2 years ago


The Online Trading Platform of eToro and its Features over 2 years ago

SPAM! Please block this user.

Vandalism? over 2 years ago


The road intersection was totally distorted into a zick-zack like chaos. This was caused by the redaction bot how I have learned. It has been fixed by someone in the meantime.

Durchsage! about 3 years ago

Natürlich ist das SPAM, was sonst.

find me here over 3 years ago

> Silly spammer. Doesn't he know that this website adds a rel="nofollow" to all the links,
> so all those links will not be followed by the google search engine.
> He's wasting his time.

But he probably doesn't know. Maybe this should be written above the form where he enters his spam.

agence matrimoniale russe over 3 years ago


Could some admin block this user?

Mariage femme russe over 3 years ago


OSM als Navi - Garmin oder Smartphone? over 3 years ago

Ohne GSM ist es mit dem GPS der meisten Smartphones nicht weit her. Denn diese benutzen A-GPS bzw. Assistet GPS: A-GPS benutzt das GSM-Mobilfunknetz, um dem Empfänger Hilfsdaten zu übermitteln, die die Positionsbestimmung schneller zum Erfolg führen. Außerdem: Für A-GPS können Nutzungsgebühren anfallen (meistens in Form von Verbindungsentgelten des Providers). Die Lage in Georgien diesbezüglich kenne ich nicht.

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Nieuwe pagina's toegevoegd over 3 years ago


Millenniums Weinprobe im Weinhaus Em Wingert almost 4 years ago