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uMap "OSM 'Find-a-plane' " 3 months ago

Note that recording name of imagery + rough date of it can be very useful in this context

how can I delete this? 3 months ago

You would probably want to add these to your profile page ( as well as point to your own wiki account rather than Malenki's

OSMF Selling Data to Google? 4 months ago

Note the date:

Paris is a bicycle shop 4 months ago

A great tool for quickly discovering and correcting edits like these is the osm-analytic-tracker. I've described my experiences using it on the talk list.

Semi-protecting specific areas in my experience isn't necessary. The mentioned tracker (or similar) and a small, entusiastic local community is what's needed.

In my experience too the vast majority of users do not have any clear idea that they are editing something called OpenStreetMap or that our project is actually different from

Paris is a bicycle shop 4 months ago

I'm not familiar with the situation in France, but being extremely familiar with the situation in Denmark, I'm not at all surprised if no local mappers noticed anything.

In Denmark very very few people (even in our large cities) appears to have the time, interest and technical knowledge necessary for regularly following the activity in their local areas and if the situation in Paris is in any way similar to our situation, there's no way I can be surprised.

What's Wrong With Bing Maps? 6 months ago

The Bing overlay "acting up" is due to bandwith limitations between you and Bing (a Microsoft entity). OSM is not responsible for this.

Don't just do a mechanical edit, look at the area and look for other mistakes! 6 months ago

Personally I find the "area-driven" approach, which Rorym so nicely describes here, much more satisfying than the "subject-driven". It has many times caused me discover issues (sometimes serious) that most likely would never have been discovered otherwise. I have in many many cases seen "subject-driven" fellow contributors leave behind issues in the immediate vicinity which were much more serious than the one they fixed. This is not to say that the "subject-driven" approach is not valuable, but if you do have some extra time to spare, looking at the area around the initial subject can definitely be worth it.

Wikidata is beautiful for every non-geographical data 9 months ago

Lots of Wikipedia data is mechanically imported to Wikidata using bots (see i.e. I'm not familiar with those though, but you would probably want to find someone who is.

Wikidata is beautiful for every non-geographical data 9 months ago

I think you don't quite understand Wikidata. Please note that Wikidata isn't english centric and that you are perfectly free to correct the data in it.

Question regarding deletion of some tracks/paths.. 9 months ago

Note that can be quite usefull for finding unmapped or erroneously mapped paths or roads. JOSM has Strava cycling & running heatmap layers (just dig them up in the settings) and a custom version of iD will let you see these too: Strava.

Also note that uploaded (to the OSM repository) good quality gps tracks can be similarly usefull for finding missing paths (particularly with JOSM), whether simply unmapped or erroneously edited or deleted. Specifically for this reason I upload lots of gps tracks myself. Should anything happen to paths for which I have some good gps track in the repository they'll be easy to find and recreate.

Question regarding deletion of some tracks/paths.. 9 months ago

I don't think there any simple ways to do this. You can check which paths are still listing you as "last modifier" by using though and is very usefull for checking activity in your area. Note that the latter site can give you a "rss-link" which is usefull for automatic notifications whenever anyone edits anything in areas of particular interest to you.

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration 9 months ago

@escada Correct

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration 9 months ago

@escada Note that JOSM's Wikipedia plugin allows to directly query wikidata for an area. For me this has been quite convenient in that it has helped me discover foreign (mainly german & english) wikipedia articles for features in Denmark. This also means that I have added quite a few wikidata tags with no corresponding wikipedia tag (as i feel it's too silly to add foreign language wikipedia links to danish features) Note that there's also many wikidata items (with coordinates) with no wikipedia counterpart.

False labling of addresses 10 months ago

You're welcome to fix them yourself.

(Not) Addicted Already. Honest! 10 months ago

To me OSM is practically a full time job. Be warned ;-)

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 11 months ago

@siberiano. Please understand that OSM is not a business or commercial company. It's a complete non-profit organisation, 100% run by hobbyists and volunteers. Our servers are paid for with donated money, so we just plain can't afford to provide free tiles for everyone and it's not our mission at all anyway.

OSM may to some degree compete with commercial providers, but competing is not the intention of our project at all and it doesn't really need to. OSM exists because a lot of people want data that can't be had at an for most people affordable price in any other way. For me OSM is my primary hobby. I've been contributing for 6 years and have seen several other attempts at predicting the death of OSM and despite that I still see OSM picking up steam beyond my wildest dreams. Ok, everything that was born or started at some point must also have an end, but I just can't see OSM come to that for quite some years.

Free Tiles and a Story of Noncommercial Death Spiral 11 months ago

I think you are missing the point of OSM, which is not to be a tile provider or an end user product at all, so I think you can't really compare your noncommercial network to OSM. Our core "business" is in creating data, not in providing services to anyone. Note that anyone can copy our data and create tiles based on them (just like i.e. Mapbox does). If you think it's so "economically sound" you are perfectly free to offer your very own unlimited plans providing tiles based on our data.

What's going in Egypt? 12 months ago

There's a lot of crap in that area. Whoever was supposed to clean it up before upload certainly didn't.

What's going in Egypt? 12 months ago

I had just had a look at it: Lots of tiny road segments and imho generally not very impressive quality. My guess is that it wasn't done by a human. It's probably good for looks (at a distance), but it's going to take a lot of work (by humans) to clean it up. I think I found one of the areas mentioned in the FB forum post mentioned above: (also in Egypt) which appears very similar to this.

There are no satellites about 1 year ago

Where is this?