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Why is Mack Hatcher so screwed up on the cycle view? about 1 month ago

The data is ok. Just wait until the cycle view has caught up.

Aligning hiway to Bing imagery about 1 month ago

I just had a look at the area again with the Strava cycling heatmap layer active (in JOSM) and see a lot of both major and minor roads covered. You may want to have a look at it, since these are generally quite reliable.

Also in my experience gps-traces collected while cycling are much better than those collected while driving cars or walking (since when walking you will often not keep your phone or gps-receiver steady).

Aligning hiway to Bing imagery about 2 months ago

Do not take for granted that Bing imagery is correctly aligned. gps-traces may be not be accurate either, but since I see several that seem fairly good quality along that highway, I would trust them over Bing.

1000 about 2 months ago

No matter how small or large your edits are, Thank you for your continued contributions :-)

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 4 months ago

Very nice tool. Found a few gems already. The vast majority of what I've seen so far has been false positives though (long stretches of primarily secondary and primary roads, which actually are bidirectional, but not dual carriageway)

Editing 5 months ago

Can you give examples?

All GPS-tracks in an area? 7 months ago

In JOSM's download window just check off "Raw GPS-data" (or whatever it's called in english). Good luck

First Major Edits 8 months ago

Did you find who removed your contribution?

Editor Does Not Work Kaart bewerker werkt niet 8 months ago

Which editor are you using? iD? Potlatch? JOSM? Something else?

Rendering error; Street is't complete 8 months ago

It's not really an error as such, it's just that some of the tiles at the various zoom levels takes longer to rerender than others. Give it some more time is the best advice I can give you. This behaviour can be rather confusing though and I've had to explain it to quite a few people. The standard layer seems to have fully rerendered here, so I suggest you use that for now.

Is it the moment for OpenStreetMap? 10 months ago

Spot on! I love this post. It's not like we need to bow down to anyone or anything to continue doing what we already do.

Going to be using OSM for my charity walk next year, need some advice. 10 months ago

A dedicated gps receiver is often better suited than a smartphone for tasks like the one you describe since it's batteries will usually last longer. There are a number of ways to load OSM maps onto Garmin receivers.

There's no real need to remove this diary btw.

Bitte um Mithilfe zur Beseitigung eines erheblichen Fehlers, den ich verursacht habe 11 months ago

Another possibility could be to simply revert your changesets. I could do that if you wish.

First steps from Ganløse 12 months ago

Hi and welcome.

I recieve a feed from and discovered your contributions this morning. I regularly spend time checking what other mappers are doing, especially the less experienced. I'm sure you noticed (since I left notes on some of your changesets) that I made some changes to some of your work and I hope you're ok with that.

There's a danish language mailing list at and I and a few others like to lurk on IRC too. Hope to see you there.

Happy Mapping

Basemap about 1 year ago

What basemap? Do you mean the Standard Layer as found on

Eksporter billede about 1 year ago

Funktionen er flyttet. Klik på "Del" ikonen i højre side. Så vil du finde hvad du søger.

The past year and a half in review about 1 year ago

One thing JOSM has that I consider indispensible and which I use practically all the time when editing, is the "Improve Way Accuracy" mode.

Apparently lots of JOSM users have no idea about this mode and many even questions it's usability when they first hear about it. Big mistake. You have no idea how much more efficient this mode will make you as a general mapper (once you've learned to use it of course). Give it a try please.

There's a short video explaining it here.

Happy Mapping

Website for asking to improve just one area in OpenStreetMap (or paying for improvement) about 1 year ago

I've considered making a profile on Fiverr offering to fix small areas for a small amount of money.

gpx trace about 1 year ago

Toni, converting gpx traces to data and then upload to osm is NOT recommended. What you should do instead is go to your profile on and click the link called "my gps-traces". There you should find yet another link called "Upload gps-trace". Click that and you should be at a form appropriate for uploading.

First thoughts over 1 year ago

Also please be aware that editing OSM isn't nearly as cumbersome (once you're fairly familiar with it of course) as editing using Google Mapmaker. A couple years I decided to test out Mapmaker and discovered that they wouldn't even let me put in some cycleways and a few other features that I had put on OSM already and also that I would'nt ever be able to edit at more than roughly 1/10 the speed at which I was editing OSM (mind you though that I also then was an experienced JOSM user).

Good luck to you