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First steps from Ganløse about 1 month ago

Hi and welcome.

I recieve a feed from and discovered your contributions this morning. I regularly spend time checking what other mappers are doing, especially the less experienced. I'm sure you noticed (since I left notes on some of your changesets) that I made some changes to some of your work and I hope you're ok with that.

There's a danish language mailing list at and I and a few others like to lurk on IRC too. Hope to see you there.

Happy Mapping

Basemap 2 months ago

What basemap? Do you mean the Standard Layer as found on

Eksporter billede 3 months ago

Funktionen er flyttet. Klik på "Del" ikonen i højre side. Så vil du finde hvad du søger.

The past year and a half in review 3 months ago

One thing JOSM has that I consider indispensible and which I use practically all the time when editing, is the "Improve Way Accuracy" mode.

Apparently lots of JOSM users have no idea about this mode and many even questions it's usability when they first hear about it. Big mistake. You have no idea how much more efficient this mode will make you as a general mapper (once you've learned to use it of course). Give it a try please.

There's a short video explaining it here.

Happy Mapping

Website for asking to improve just one area in OpenStreetMap (or paying for improvement) 4 months ago

I've considered making a profile on Fiverr offering to fix small areas for a small amount of money.

gpx trace 4 months ago

Toni, converting gpx traces to data and then upload to osm is NOT recommended. What you should do instead is go to your profile on and click the link called "my gps-traces". There you should find yet another link called "Upload gps-trace". Click that and you should be at a form appropriate for uploading.

First thoughts 6 months ago

Also please be aware that editing OSM isn't nearly as cumbersome (once you're fairly familiar with it of course) as editing using Google Mapmaker. A couple years I decided to test out Mapmaker and discovered that they wouldn't even let me put in some cycleways and a few other features that I had put on OSM already and also that I would'nt ever be able to edit at more than roughly 1/10 the speed at which I was editing OSM (mind you though that I also then was an experienced JOSM user).

Good luck to you

Geocache camouflage with OpenStreetMap 10 months ago

Wow.. What a great idea!

More GPX tracks, etc. 11 months ago

Thank you for sharing this

Telia Navigator 11 months ago

Hvorfor tror du det er os der har gjort det?

I am new to this digital mapping tool... 11 months ago

For bicycle navigation I mainly use a Garmin device loaded with OpenStreetMap data covering all of Denmark. For other uses i like to use OsmAnd for Android. OsmAnd does routing for bicycle, foot and car and so should cover your needs nicely. It will allow you to easily download a map covering all of Denmark (which should fit quite nicely on most phones) in one go. And yes, it can show you your current position at any time.

Less technical persons might want to look at MapsWithMe for Android, which is a much simpler app than OsmAnd, which also lets you download the entire map of Denmark (and other countries/areas) in one go.

You might also want to have a look at and

Using a smartphone for navigation you might want to consider a handlebar mount and some battery backup.

The hazard of relying on commercial implementations of Open Source projects about 1 year ago

A popular (also among many humanitarian workers in i.e. Africa) OSM based offline routing app for Android is the open source OsmAnd. There are several commercial OSM based alternatives such as Mapfactor Navigator and GPS Navigator by Skobbler. For mere mapviewing MapsWithMe is fast and very popular. Also note that there are several sources for premade OSM based maps for many Garmin models. Vespucci is for editing OpenStreetMap, but please note that it is not exactly easy to use.

What is the OpenStreetMap convention? Do we tag addresses on buildings or on separate nodes? over 1 year ago

In Denmark (that small country in northern Europe), where all addresses are imported, addresses (as I understand it) by law do not belong to any building. They are imported as separate nodes and we prefer to keep them that way. Occasionally a foreigner comes by, draws a few buildings and in the proces includes the address in the building. We consider that an error and regularly corrects it.

Improving the map of La Boquilla over 1 year ago

Wonderfull story. Thank you for sharing.

Interest in Editing almost 2 years ago

You are so welcome

Problem in Editing Map almost 2 years ago

Did you choose a background? And if you did please note that there isn't e.g. Bing imagery coverage everywhere. If you don't have any imagery in your area (or it's outdated), gps-tracks are a good option.

Anyone has a tool to fix this kind of way? almost 2 years ago

That's some really ugly stuff. By far the easiest thing to do is to delete and remap. I rarely use Potlatch, but even in JOSM fixing self-crossing roads like these tends to be really cumbersome.

Frustrated by rogue popups in JOSM almost 2 years ago

You are expected to hold the right mouse-button pressed down while scrolling the map in JOSM, not right-click.

We need to gamify about 2 years ago

As someone who has already spent thousands of hours in JOSM and so probably would top a few lists, I would be very wary of gamifying anything OSM. Because how would you really measure the "value" of a contributor going out of his way to provide quality (takes his time to draw accurately rounded curves or spot all sorts of mistakes, etc.) relative to someone who (apparently) just cares about throwing lots of nodes and ways onto the map (I've noticed a few examples of that). At this point I just can't imagine a way to effectively differentiate between the two without throwing insane amounts of manpower at it, in which case it sort of seems moot to me.

Throwing more nodes and ways at the map doesn't necessarily make it better.

1 Million Mappers Soon ... No, Not Really over 2 years ago

I too would very much appreciate an option to filter out nearby users who never made an edit or those that wasn't active for a given amount of time.