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The joy and sadness of open data 2 months ago

In my opinion is mapping still a survey as Christiana stated. Areal views are a use full item, but the world is outside. So, go out and notice items such as, steps, baskets, trees, containers or a bus stop. Look at the surfaces beneath your feet or eyes and the width of a cycleway are hard to see from a satellite image and tag tree’s separate instead of a row . It depends on the number of active mappers, many in Germany but only a view in Egypt. And remember that a day’s survey will contain a lot of info, it will take some time to ad it correctly. So, start collecting as much as you can get or remember and use all the available tools we have, GPS, memocorder and camera to record your survey.

Do you know what this is? almost 2 years ago

Hi marc, have a look at this lookalike here Greetz

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [9] over 2 years ago

@simonpoole, problem or not, if a mapper wont's to add or change an item there's nothing wrong in it, we 're all doiing our own ways isnt it ? According to and as good as following the Wiki.

Money! about 3 years ago

Simon as a humble mapper I agree, don’t start to take an employee with regular wages if it aint clear what’s the amount of a yearly income at OSM. There other items that need money as well, or is even the development of programs a gift as well ? Single sponsoring actions can be held locally without world wide support. Hendrik