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Triển lãm Toyota Camry 2015 tại Thái Lan 1 day ago


Proposed talk at both SOTUM and HOTOSM conferences!! 9 days ago

A possible way to tag:

Aller Anfang 12 days ago

Hallo hat ja lang gedauert nach der Registierung, aber es ist nie zu spät anzufangen =) Was mir aufgefallen ist, ist dass du die Wege im Wald als highway=footway eingertragen hast.

Hab ich Anfangs auch immer. Eigentlich wird highway=footway jedoch nur für reine ausgeschilderte Fußgängerwege ( genutzt. Ohne die Gegebenheiten vor Ort zu kennen, würde ich eher auf highway=path tippen. Sollte er ausgebaut sein (gepflaster oder so), kann man noch verschiedene Sachen hinzufügen, wie surface/trail_visibility/width um ihn von einem Trampelpfad unterscheiden zu können.

MfG und frohes Mappen Christian aka Hedaja

OsmAnd (Android) und Abbiegespuren 13 days ago

OsmAnd (Android) und Abbiegespuren 13 days ago

Using relations fo turn lanes isn't very common. There are around 180.000 uses of turn:lanes and only around 45.000 used segments in turnlanes relations.

OsmAnd (Android) und Abbiegespuren 14 days ago have a look at "furthermore:" ;)

New to OSM about 1 month ago

noticed one thing It would be nice if you would add a short comment for you changesets (when uploading changes). This makes it easier for others to see what you have done.

New to OSM about 1 month ago

Hello welcome to OSM =) If you have any problems and questions take a look at these links (

Happy mapping Hedaja

Addressing 2 months ago

If you want to print maps for walking surveys there is a service called FieldPapers ( or WalkingPapers ( If you upload your notes (no matter printed with FieldPapers or WalkingPapers) to you can directly use it georeferenced in JOSM.

Learn-a-tag: leisure=fitness_station 3 months ago

Thanks reminded me that I still haven't mapped my whole travel this summer ;)

Where do you start with replacing shower screen seals? 3 months ago


Voting is bullshit 3 months ago

I can understand both factions. On one side i like the do-ocracy because its is possible to describe new things no one thought of before. But on the other side I'm (like most mappers) are data contributer and data consumer simultaneously. I think if tags only evolve and introduced because they are being used, we are going to get bigger distinctions betwen the different "sub" subjects of OSM (like Railways/highways). A lot of very active mappers tend to specialize on one topic. This means that active mappers might push this topic further without the view for similarities to other things. One example is the way proposed things are tagged: for highway the preferred way to tag is highway=proposed + proposed=type_of_street and for building the slightly more used way of tagging is: proposed:building=type_of_building. Having different ways to tag similar things in different subjects makes it a lot more complicated for cross subject mappers and for people who just started mapping. If there is a clear scheme how to map similar things people would know: "Hey I have a proposed building so I'm going to tag it like proposed highways I already tagged before". This would spare people of lot of work for searching in the wiki and on taginfo. Thats why I think some form of standardization is necessary. For example when introducing new tags do you use tag:suffix or tag + extra tag. I think for such things some type of voting is important. The way Voting works atm is not satisfying. The Voting process is well hidden in the depth of the wiki. Voting processes should be made more prominent by showing them on the wiki start page, Editors and other places mappers use. Another problem in my opinion is communication. The rich possibilities for communicating in OSM is blessing and curse at the same time. With forum/wiki (discussion pages)/ mailing lists/ IRC/ help desk/ (Changeset Comments) we have good communication tools for every need. But the bunch of places also separates users from each other. I think there aren't so many who are watching multiple or all communication channels. Sometimes this leads to situations in which one part of the community isn't aware of the other part, which leads to confusions. Another thing I see is that it's really hard to change old tags because you may have to do a mechanical edit and and it's always very hard to convince all active mappers that this won't break everything. But in my opinion changing old tags that are used a lot sometimes might be necessary to improve OSM. In this case I think that "projects using this tag" of taginfo is very important. Data consumers should be encouraged to document their used tags so that they could be automatically notified when any changes in tagging happen. If all developers are notified in advance they would have the possibility to make their code changes and be ready for the day the new tagging starts. A defined time span and developer notification for bigger changes would weaken mappers argument that a change in tagging would break all there beloved apps and map styles. I'm aware that big mechanical edits are always critical. Just like now they should be well documented and tested.

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question 3 months ago

Nice...keep on the good work =)

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question 3 months ago

If you have similar situation and need help it is better to ask in the forums or in the help site. There are more people who might reply to your questions.

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question 3 months ago

thats almost how I would do it bicycle:lanes describes the bicycle access for all lanes. If bicycles are allowed on the other lanes it should tagged with yes (otherwise no). It could look like this: bicycle:lanes:conditional=yes|yes|yes|designated @ (Su 07:00-15:00)

If the access restriction for other lanes is unknown, I think it is possible to just leave them empty: bicycle:lanes:conditional=|||designated @ ...

Short explanation for lane tagging. lanes are tagged from leftmost lane to the rightmost lane separated with |

For turn lanes it is visible that the leftmost lanes is a left turn lane so it should be more like this: turn:lanes=left|through|through|through

Mapillary and cylceway tagging question 3 months ago

Thats a really complex situation =) Maybe these link could be useful

For the informations you gave us I would tag the part of the street thats visible in the mapillary link like this: lanes=4 turn:lanes=left|through|through|[throught (might be through;right,,thats not clearly visible)] bus:lanes:conditional or lanes:psv:conditional (depending on access for taxis)=|||designated @ (Mo-Sa; Su 0:00-7:00, 15:00-24:00) bicycle:lanes:conditional=|||designated @ (Su 7:00-15:00)

Don't take this for a fixed tagging approach. Cases like this are at the edge of whats possible with current tagging "standards". If you have an idea how to improve and simplify this kind of lane tagging feel free to share it with the community.

greets Hedaja

JOSM 7777 released, with a brand new logo 4 months ago

Really nice! thanks to the JOSM team for steadily improving JOSM and thanks to all artists who contributed to the logo contest. I think if you would use one of the big banners as background for the JOSM splashscreen it would look awsome. I would prefere the banner of Felis Pimeja for this.

IndoorOSM and Wheelchair-Navigation 2 4 months ago

As far as I know using floor plans with permission would be okay for OSM. It sounds like the operators of the mentioned buildings are willing to spend their floor plans, so it should be no problem. I'm really legal expert so I would recommend asking the License Working Group ( ) or asking under Looking forward to your project ;)

greets Hedaja

Wohngebiet Zwickau 5 months ago

Als ehemalisch Zwickauer Mapper sag ich auch mal meine Meinung. Ich würde die Wohngebiete auf jedenfall größer machen. Nur wei eine kleine Straße dazwischen ist, ist nicht gleich das Wohngebiet zuende. Manchmal haben Wohngebiete auch ihre eigene (lokale) Bezeichnung und könnte so die Wohngebiete begrenzen. Dabei sollte aber auch place=suburb beachtet werden: Abgrenzen könnte man meiner Meinung nach zum Beispiel auch an größeren Straßen (z.B.: zwei getrennte Fahrbahnen)

Universal Refinish of DC 6 months ago