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Coastline I edited is not being updated by the renderer about 5 years ago

Hi compdude,

as far as I know from the German discussion group your observation is completely normal.

The coastlines are updated quite infrequenly. All changes to the coastlines are checked and applied manually because they are critical. Since this is a lot of work it takes its time until changes are taken over into the map.

So you may simply have to be even more patient.

Kind regards from Germany, Heinz

Google Maps oder Satellitenbilder als Grundlage nehmen about 5 years ago

Auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen!

Ich schließe mich den Ausführungen meiner Vorredner an. Bitte keine urheberrechtlich geschützten Arbeitsgrundlagen verwenden, die nicht für OSM freigegeben sind. Damit würdest Du OSM gefährden und Deine Arbeit würde bei Bekanntwerden gelöscht. Schau mal ins deutsche OSM Forum. Dort werden Fragen auch von Anfängern gern und schnell beantwortet.

Quality of river mapping about 5 years ago

Hi Gerhardus, just to let you know: In the German weekly notice it says that now provides areal images of South Africa with 50cm resolution. I haven't had a look myself so I don't know in what flooding state these were taken. But may be these are useful for you? Just to make sure you get this information. Kind regards from Germany Heinz

Severe flooding over 5 years ago

Gerhardus, these two links might help you:


Kind regards from Germany, Heinz