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Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) 3 months ago

Great. thank you. Bookmarked!

India Villages 3 months ago

'The soul of India lives in its villages...' beautiful.

Making a map of the mappers contributing to mapping parties 4 months ago

Thanks, I think I understand now. In Overpass Turbo, I used this query:

[diff:"2014-06-23T00:00:00Z"];(node(55.877838662652906,-4.343075752258301,55.900317043029,-4.297800064086914);<;);out meta;

I still couldn't load the result into JOSM. Instead, exported the result as geojson. So no need to install osmtogeojson as stated above.

So just use overpass turbo and export as geojson.

Making a map of the mappers contributing to mapping parties 4 months ago

I think the overpass developers are busy updating some of the 'attic' data - in the video linked to above, they mention there's been a problem with some of the older attic data but it's working correctly for any data since last month but some older data/diffs aren't quite working.

So I imagine they'll fix the old attic data and then roll it out to the (more widely used?) overpass turbo system.

Thanks for the update.


Making a map of the mappers contributing to mapping parties 4 months ago

I don't think the 'diff' command is working in overpass turbo yet. But I'm sure it will be available soon. But yes, it's possible to get geojson from overpass turbo. But let me know if I'm wrong on these points.

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike 7 months ago

What's the hurry? In 70 years or so it will all be public domain anyway (or at least the snapshot from this year will be).

OpenStreetMap - Increasing diversity 9 months ago

Thanks for the response, good point about the diverse/free tagging scheme. I think you're right in the fact OSM is flexible and open and avoids 'the tyranny of the majority' problem. Being open and free maybe isn't quite enough, I think having the Foundation make a statement/policy about actively seeking the widest audience/membership/editors would be beneficial and positive step to thinking about ways to widen participation. Although, I think the foundation's supporting role is good, I think this is the perfect subject/issue for them to lead on.

Anyway, as you say it's a do-cracy. And I have mapping parties to organise... :-)

iD Newbie friendly feature request 9 months ago

Yep, really good idea. Could try adding to iD github issues list as an enhancement idea:

Ultimately, people hate reading instructions - people seek information from other people first (when possible). So live chat makes sense at a psychological/design level.

And some how implemeting would be amazing too. List is on my long wish list of things to look into trying out but doubt will have time too.

My first OSM meeting 10 months ago

Sounds much like my first meeting. Keep up the good work - sure you'll be surprised by the number of people who turn up next time.

I messaged active uses in my area using 'OSM Mapper'

Also contacted local hack lab and linux users group.

Anyway, nice presentation.

osm2pgsql command lines 12 months ago

I've been told - 'The command line is your friend' - a distant, aloof friend, who never gives you any useful advice but has been around for so long you kinda just have to get on with each other.

Bridge to nowhere over 1 year ago

Fantastic to see how fast the map reacts.

Easter Craiglockhart Hill, Craiglockhart Pond almost 2 years ago

Great work!

I've started to add 'desire line' in the description= if it looks like an unofficial path. I would suggest aligning GPS with other peoples traces or several GPS tracks to get extract line. GPS can easily be 10-20 metres out. The surface= tag is also useful. With the current technology 5-10m precision is practical and most people reading the map will work out their location.

Happy mapping

End of Newton Mearns mapping for now almost 2 years ago

Great edits! If you're back in Scotland, feel free to drop by our meet-ups

Scotland meet ups

State of the Map Scotland : Edinburgh : This Friday 19th- 20th October about 2 years ago

Looking forward to it! Great job organising.

State of the Map Scotland about 2 years ago

it's great but I can't claim it. I think Bob made it.

Stepps. Scotland about 2 years ago

Nice work, looks much better!

NCN74 about 2 years ago

See the NCN74 route here

Good stuff.

Potlatch over 2 years ago

ITO World have some great tools for seeing who is editing the map and where

look for ITO map & ITO mapper

Potlatch over 2 years ago

All the best with adding Wikipedia links etc. Great to see collaboration between these two great enterprises. Your edits look spot on so far.

Happy mapping

First area mapping from survey over 2 years ago

Not sure how the StreetView data is collected but I think it is largely based on aerial imagery. I guess the answer is to wait for the new european Galileo satellites which will give sub-1m accuracy. But that could be 2019.

Or a bit of balloon aerial mapping?

I would say GPS would be okay for this type of surveying. Maybe adding a note= tag that it is approximate.