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Schools: are they areas or points? 6 months ago

They should not be mapped as both a node and an area. See One feature, one OSM element mapping guidelines. So yes the correct thing to do would be to move all tags off the node onto the area, and delete the node.

I hunted down this for you. In iD you can apparently select the area and the point, then use the "Merge" (+) operation

In JOSM the Paste Tags action lets you do it. In Potlatch I think you can copy tags from the last selection.

What's the best iOS App for contributing to OpenStreetMap? 8 months ago

Happily things have moved on a bit since a couple of years ago when you were asking this. There's now 'Go Map!!' and 'Pushpin OSM' apps which are pretty good mobile editors for iOS.

I've just been updating this question: How can I edit OSM with my iPhone?.

I thought I might be able to edit or update or comment upon that old slashgeo page, but I don't seem to be able to.

Homage to My Alma Matter 9 months ago

Great work.

Maybe you could look at getting the map used by the university somehow. This map of Cambridge university is the best example of a university doing that:

Trouble is google maps of CSU seems to have a lot of indoor floorplan data, presumably supplied by the university. So I guess we won't be persuading the university to switch2osm any time soon on their main display. We clearly have better data on the gardens and trees of the campus now :-)

Interest in Editing 10 months ago

Welcome indeed! I haven't played much with google map maker myself, but I've heard a few people finding the experience less satisfying.

Despite that, google with their broad reach have persuading more and more people to volunteer towards furthering their corporate interests, contributing to their closed data system. A fundamental difference, but a tricky thing to explain sometimes.

The Marble Arch Mapping Party 11 months ago

The music is Look Beyond The Horizon - By Platinum Sky (CC-BY-SA!)

Marble Arch Tomorrow. Paper on OSMLondon events and new-comer retention 11 months ago

Awesome Wille. Looking forward to having you join us. You'll miss the event tomorrow night, but we'll certainly do another event (probably a pub meet-up) in the time while you're here in London. We'll put out the details on the same wiki page and on @OSMLondon.

What to do with general "notes" ? 12 months ago

This is an interesting question, but I don't understand why you've chosen to use the diary feature to ask it. Why not put it on ?

Retirement Home 12 months ago

That's a good question. You should ask it on the Q&A site fact ... let me do that for you:

(The answer will appear there shortly)

The last two winter meet-ups, and first summer one TONIGHT 12 months ago

Yeah. There's been some changes to the stylesheet for diary posts so maybe I'll have to stop with the sets of photo thumbnails. Still showed side-by-side OK on though.

JOSM plugins about 1 year ago

I like this idea for diary entry. Although a matter of personal preference, it's helpful to know which plugins people have found useful (and which not). Maybe you should put them in order of usefulness

Hack Weekend at the ODI about 1 year ago

Sorry we didn't manage to solve your challenge Mind you, we were trying (in the pub) to design a solution to the harder challenge of not only making a captcha which uses OpenStreetMap, but a ReCAPTCHA-like system which would gather helpful data for OpenStreetMap. Maybe we should do a more basic thing first.

Hi about 1 year ago

Welcome! Check out the Przewodnik dla początkujących

King X November pub + Paddington tonight! over 1 year ago

Ah you're right. There has been a some sort of warning on that page since mid 2011. When I discussed with you before I was asking for that to be made more prominent, and to link to further reading. At that time I was also pointing out that the general top level page about the Cadastre carried no warning.

In any case, the wiki's only one thing. Overall the french community failed to communicate properly to all of their users, that they should not do clumsy bulk importing, and clearly in french OSM forums their hasn't been enough discussion about the importance of this. If the french community buy into those the ideas, then why do we see the so much vitriol directed at the DWG? The french community FAILED to communicate these messages correctly and then to add insult to injury they have FAILED to support the enforcement of common sense rules. Instead of recognising that certain people had obviously been bulking importing (behaving badly), they somehow found it more natural to jump to the conclusion that DWG are evil. I find that very disappointing. The DWG have behaved in a very reasonable manner in my opinion. You clearly disagree, but it's very disappointing that seemingly nobody speaking french has been willing to stick up for them.

1 million is a big number over 1 year ago

@chriscf as mentioned, sysadmins dropped some spam users

1 million is a big number over 1 year ago

"I refuse to brag using manipulated statistical data." Well of course you're are very welcome to brag about OpenStreetMap with whatever supporting facts you like. But 1 million users is a good news story this week. It's not a manipulated statistic. As I've explained, it's the least manipulated of several possible statistics we could look at.

You seem to be confused about "sign-out procedures". You can of course very easily "sign out"... being the opposite of "sign in". The opposite of doing a "sign up" to create a new user account, would be to destroy your user account, an operation which people rarely have any sensible reason to want to do, and which presents all kinds of problems in terms of IDs cross-referencing of contributions. If a user has some sort of unusual privacy concern and they want to remove all identifying information, they can very easily change their 'Display name', and remove their 'Description', 'Home location' fields. Beyond that sysadmins can label as a user account as 'deleted', but non of this is a regular operation that any normal user would want to worry about. It's not something a user who is no longer interested in OpenStreetMap would want to go through, and it's certainly not something we'd want to make easy to do by accident. If you think I'm saying something deeply mysterious or nefarious here, please have a look at... well any other sign-up website on the internet.

The issue at hand is all those users who have signed-up on the site, failed to make an edit, and then not come back. "Signing out" has got nothing to do with it. So what we could do (and this has been suggested before), is email a questionnaire to those users. Or we could just email them just asking them to come back!

suspended? over 1 year ago

Of all the different contact channels we have within OpenStreetMap, a diary entry is probably the worst one to use for pointing out server problems.

Beaches without the Sea over 1 year ago

Got an example of that Rovastar? I found an example using both natural=sand and surface=sand. Not sure which of two gets rendered as yellow

Hack Weekend at 10gen over 1 year ago

mmm. Camera flavoured pizza

fghfghfghfghf over 1 year ago

Yes. Sometimes I feel the same

Blue Posts and lots of upcoming events over 1 year ago

I guess you mean 2013. Would be great have beers with Croatian OSMers! I've put it in my diary. We can do beers on Saturday 19th or maybe we could do another weekend-long event that weekend.