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Baker St Mapping evening + Artillery Arms Tonight about 1 year ago

Chris Sheldrick from what3words actually read this diary entry and then chatted with me in the pub about it at the following geomob. We sort of agreed to disagree. He understands the desire for openness, but obviously he's trying to make a business.

On an open versus closed debate, I'm fully able to comprehend the closed money-making side of the argument, but the trouble is with something like this, it is "standards defining". It's not just a business idea for a new social network or something. The name of the game is to persuade many many people adopt the scheme as a way of locating stuff. So my point is... I would persuade people to adopt an open scheme. One which is not going to go pair-shaped (along with its closed copyright-protected database) when the company goes pair-shaped.

I chatted about that longevity aspect of things in the pub, and he acknowledged this concern. He said he could look into writing a kind of get-out clause which opens everything if the what3words company goes under. I'd certainly welcome that, but I supposed another problem is that "goes pair-shaped" does not necessarily many "goes under". What3words might go into a sort semi-liquidation state, where the opportunity is no longer exciting, so they sell out and start to introduce new charges / advertising to bleed it dry. Not a hypothetical scenario. This kind of thing happens a lot.

One thing I guess I should concede. I confidently said there are many addressing schemes to choose from, including many open ones... I'm not sure where there's a good list of such ideas. It's a shame nobody seems to have prior art on the idea the idea of words mapping to a geohash (would love to hear if somebody does). The idea does seem pretty obvious to me, but maybe only after it has been stated :-)

Current map thinking over 1 year ago

Ah you see, once you start thinking about maps... everything is map related! :-)

Tom Chance has had a longstanding interesting trees in OpenStreetMap (particularly in Southwark) . Also SK53 is always keen to map a tree species. And I was trying to add some interesting trees to the map while I was working on the "tree routes" iPhone app recently.

Good to hear you're keeping up the HOT mapping between HOT meet-ups. I need to go on a task square rampage some time soon myself.

The next [OSMLondon]( meet-up is this Thursday evening if you fancy it. Just a pub this time.

OpenStreetMap birthday weekend (including wikimania etc) over 1 year ago

@LollyMay Aha! Two people have seen it. Definitely not a dream then @seav You missed the cake! Two cakes in fact! I suppose it was a bit earlier in the evening we had those (hazy recollection) . Great to meet you!

Water in OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

Awesome! Correcting the direction of rivers is a nice easy thing for mappers to do

One thing I've pondered (and listed on my hack ideas list), is modelling hydrology worldwide in order to locate missing rivers. Starting with the biggest first. In some less well mapped parts of the world, you can easily look at OpenCycleMap contours (SRTM) and see that there is (most likely) a large river missing from OpenStreetMap. At time of writing there's an example here in the congo. Endless other examples in Africa, Siberia etc, and these are big rivers we're missing.

Computer Repair Service over 1 year ago


San Ysidro, CA, United States: Detail-Mapping the busiest land border crossing area in the world over 1 year ago

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New MapRoulette Challenge: Ways Needing Smoothing over 1 year ago

Clicking through some of these today, it seems the majority of them are already fixed and already re-rendered as better smoother curves. Seems like this maproulette challenge needs a data refresh?

Hack Weekend at 10gen over 1 year ago

Hopelessly late response, but for the sake of anyone else wondering... yes malenki, it's not set-up and described here:

R25 : un rendu topographique au 25000ème pour Maperitive. over 1 year ago

Hi. Congrats on the winning 2nd place in the poster contest. We'd also like to use your poster or something similar as "Image of the week". Discussing that here We could just scale the poster image, but ideally we need a good image variation working at 400pixels wide and ~300px high. Maybe you have suggestions?

[sorry this is english. Maybe someone can translate my comment here]

Weekly OpenStreetMap Task over 1 year ago

That sounds a lot like the old "Project of the week"

Street Level Photo Uploads? over 1 year ago

This is a diary entry. A better place to ask questions is over at In fact there's a couple of questions on there already which may help:

...but it looks like mapillary needs adding as a new answer to those questions.

Baker St Mapping evening + Artillery Arms Tonight over 1 year ago

Thanks for that Christian. Good information. Of course I should've just asked you about it really before posting guesswork on my diary entry, but as you may have noticed I tend to use my diary as place for blurting out what's on my mind :-) (plus I needed to get the post out ahead of the pub event last night)

So that's interesting. I was guessing you were drawing some salary/payment for all the good work you're doing. Seems like you're managing to get a lot done! Also lots of donations of servers and hosting. That's also interesting, and makes me think more about the idea that we would be able to attract similar donations e.g. from universities in the UK if we got organised (I mean for some sort of separate OSMUK thing above and beyond the support we already get for OSMF servers)

Good to know you wouldn't be opposed to the notion of OSM France helping the core OSMF funding. I had another big chat about this with Matt in the pub last night. He's not really in favour of structuring things like that, or didn't think would work. So yeah... just a vague idea from me really. Matt also reminded me the "Local Chapters Working Group" was supposed to be coming up with a plan for such things. Not sure how that's progressing though.

Mapping Baker St TONIGHT, and other summer events over 1 year ago

Oh yeah. My workmate Martin Gogov (joined recently) was telling me that's a good pub too. We walked past on our way for lunch on whitecross street. Trouble is it looks a bit small. The OSM birthday party usually attracts a good crowd (~15 to 20 people) plus a few people drifting over from the little fringe event wikimania :-) . D'you think we'd fit in the Artillery Arms? Maybe we should go there in two weeks time, as a recce mission!

My Understanding of how OSM data is used to display the map on a PC. almost 2 years ago

The Slippy Map wiki page does a reasonable job of explaining some of this too. I've also covered in some slide decks e.g. my My OpenTech 2011 talk has some noddy slides like this: tile serving

You said at zoom 19 there will be quite a lot of tiles 90000000000 of them, indeed that's a lot of tiles, and in fact the way a lot of tile servers are set-up, they do not store all these files pre-rendered. It's an interesting curiosity of tile serving, that you might expect there to be lesser visited areas of the map, but in fact that's an understatement. When it comes to higher zoom levels the vast majority of the surface of the earth is of so little interest, that nobody ever zooms in to look at it. Less than 1% of zoom level 18 tiles are ever looked at. Taking that into account, and also to cope with changing data from OpenStreetMap, OSM tile servers are often set-up to do a combination of serving cached files, and queuing up requests for "on-the-fly" rendering.

Mapillary has now its own Wiki page! almost 2 years ago

Mapillary looks interesting. "There is special permission to derive data from the photos for contributing to OpenStreetMap" ...Sweet.

Thailand Mapping + London Mapping TONIGHT almost 2 years ago

Ah awesome. Yeah I was just judging by the not very asian sounding names there, but I stand corrected. It has been mapped by locals! That's great. Always like to hear this. It makes for a better sustainable community if local people are mapping their own areas.

It's a shame I jumped to the wrong conclusion actually because I might have got in touch with you more directly to meet up while I was out there. I made some great friends in Sao Paulo by meeting up in this way (ão_Paulo_Dec_2009_Mapping_Party )

...mind you... My wife tolerates a bit mapping, but probably not on our honeymoon :-)

I didn't add any notes, but it did occur to me that a patch of woodland in the middle of the ocean could probably be made to show up as a bug on various automated QA tools. Maybe does already.

All the rivers and mountains in Alaska hey? Sounds like a fun challenge!

Mapping Botswana via Facebook almost 2 years ago

Ah yes. I see you're way ahead of me with a data-driven tracker. So we could progress Mali village coverage now with an auto-generated list like this which examines the data in each village to detect some checkpoints such as... "Yes/No the village is mapped as a polygon rather than just a node", "Yes/No the village has at least one highway trailing out the edge of it" (connecting roads), "Yes/No the village has at least one short highway within the village" (road details within the village) That's all doable from imagery. Then there's things which require more local knowledge such as: "Yes/No we have the name of the village", "Yes/No a school building is mapped".

A data driven tracker like that could be display-only, but useful if it updates quickly somehow (minutely diff powered) or maybe has an update button for a mapper to trigger it to rescan a village.

When you say "use your OSM-login and then work on stuff" You mean like a acquiring/locking the task you are working on?

Mapping Botswana via Facebook almost 2 years ago

Great stuff. This reminds of the 2012 Mali Crisis HOT mapping efforts. We were starting with nothing but bing imagery, and trying to get some basic coverage of the little villages dotted across this vast landscape. User:PovAddict developed a nifty little tool codenamed "kuona" which presented the microtask of spotting villages in bing tiles. We then manually checked through the spots where people had clicked, and added in village centroids or polygons. In many cases that's as far as we got. I scripted a thing to look at the map data, and cross off the spotted villages which seemed to be already added. We didn't know the names of course. Then there was work which happened in some cases but not others, to map some details within the villages, and (probably more importantly) connecting roads (dirt tracks) between villages.

You have some interesting approaches here. I've heard of trello for project management, but haven't seen it used for mapping management before! I wonder if there's a smarter way to track status of such things though, driven directly from the map data.

I think your approach of chatting to people on facebook to find out more about a particular village, is really neat. I've used the "Notes" feature as a super-simple way of getting people like this to contribute without needing to learn editing, but maybe there's something even simpler about your approach of presenting them with these grids.

South Thailand map for Garmin almost 2 years ago

Hi Bernhard. I'm currently on my honeymoon in Thailand. I am using the maps (using MapsWithMe app), and I notice you've mapped the resort I'm staying in, so thanks for that!

The Mucky Pup almost 2 years ago

@Tom Chance. Yeah you're right. Lots of nice features of google maps tools. We've got most of it, but developers have to go hunting for the features across many open source tools. There's a thing I've noticed google fusion tables does, to avoid the problem of too many markers overloading the browser, it actually render markers onto raster tiles if there's too many of them. Seemlessly switching from pure javascript to some server-side work (I assume). It's really neat the way this happens without the developer needing to be aware of it. Some joined-up thinking like this in OSM toolsets would be a good thing for the hackathon level of developer.