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North Korea is strange over 4 years ago

Found a plausible translation:

자력갱생만이 살길이다! "Self-reliance is the only way to live!"

key map question about 5 years ago

If you want to check an area out closer you can push the button in the top right of the map (looks like three layers on top of each other) and check the alternative "Browse Map Data".

This enables you to click on areas and ways in the map to see what tags they have. In this case it is: landuse=military military=danger_area

吉祥寺の東急の裏を少し書いてみた。雑貨屋はどう書けばいいんだろう over 5 years ago

歯医者は amenity=dentist。雑貨屋は多分 shop=general。