After three years account awakens!

Posted by Guttorm Flatabø on 15 July 2009 in English (English)

After three years I finally start using my account!

Hopefully I'll be contributing roads and hiking trails in the Sognefjord area.

However my first attempt has been to upload a track of a kayaking expedition. It isn't really that usable for making maps, so more there for experimenting.

Is there some way for me to have my track as a layer on top of a more complete map?

Comment from Biogenesis_ on 15 July 2009 at 13:37

Since OSM can only source from un-copyrited sources you can't have another map as a background to trace over. With the exception of out of copyright maps such as old Ordinance Survey maps of the UK. So basically it's NASA Landsat and Yahoo! imagery only.

The GPX trace you made is useful for the map as waterways can often be difficult to see on low resolution imagery :). So please feel free to draw any rivers and streams in.

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