Garage tagging at Southfield Park

Posted by Govanus on 9 October 2013 in English (English)

When choosing the tags that relate to garages at Southfield park I took reference initially to the fields in potlatch and id: in addition I chose the:

name to be the figures and symbols written on the garage itself {what people would recognise it to be called} Note these have been changed overtime and sometimes relate to a house name or number of an user rather than a number that logically relates to the garage (ie in a sequence)

address & postcode to be discoverable postal information ascribed to the Garage (or block). Note not all are known to have been given such addresses yet.

Designation to be the identifying code used by the operator this is more likely to be in a more logical order than the name in instances where the number there is follower a more randomly allotted users home address.

Southfield Park is not uniform in ownership or operator so different conditions exist even on this small estate. Also time has seen renovation and renumbering on some while not on all.

To make things easy I picked the most ordered and logical garages first as well as the easiest to find full information for. For this reason it looks like I've overkilled the Numbering tags with repetition; though when I finish the OCiC ones and move on to the much harder private ones gaps of missing tags and illogical sequences are likely to abound.

To compound the look of repetition of the first drawn garages I also decided to split the Full designation over a series of grouping relationships to better describe the levels of the designation and make it easier to add tags appropriate to describing unique features of different levels. This matches management of the large numbers of garages controlled by the same operator.

If you have major objections to this approach it would save me a lot of time to discuss them here first, before unilaterally deciding to make major edits that mess up the numbering schemes described here.

If you have or know of sources of reliable designations and address listings for the non-attached private garages in Oxford and elsewhere it would be useful in finishing this name and numbering exercise on OSM.

Thank you for takeing the time to read this message.

Location: Lye Valley, Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East, England, OX3 7EZ, United Kingdom

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