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Gebäude fehlen in der höchsten Zoomstufe about 5 years ago

There are more cache levels then your browser. You have to wait a couple of minutes before the osm caches gets refreshed.

Spot checking the openstreetmap-carto style over 5 years ago

I see a flaw in your setup that might be the cause of a lot of the differences. Mapnik is not very determenistic and small variance in the input data such as order of elements etc. can make a big difference in the rendered map. You are using a relativly newly imported database for the carto rendering and a very old database for the osm rendering. For a propper comparason you should use the same database for both maps.

However the differences that are now are not important at all and I think the carto style is a lot closer to the original mapnik style then necessary.

I would love to see some new development on the osm style.

Potlatch 2 simple mode hides too much over 5 years ago

That could turn out good. I would love to see it in action though. Do you have a link to the patch?

Who has more locations McDonalds or Payday loans? over 5 years ago

There are 1113 McDonalds resturants and 34 Payday loans in the dataset.

OSM Server Virtual Machine Available Now. over 5 years ago

Great work. Next version have to include OSRM and TileMill and maybe a version of the rails port for completeness as well. Maybe I will start developing on that image in the future.

Tinnheia, Slettheia, Southern Lund tagged and Hånes traced over 5 years ago

Eg har no gjort eit par områder sør for Søm, det er ein del byggeaktivitet som er synlig så det er ikkje så lett å teikne opp alt. Flott arbeid.

Almost all roads in Vågsbygd...named over 5 years ago

Wow, that looks great. You have gotten a lot of information that is impossible to get with satelite imagery. It will not be long untill Kristiansand is better mapped then it was before.

Great work.

Remapping Kristiansand over 5 years ago

Yes, I did map a lot of Vågsbygd from Bing. However there were some construction on the imagery that I do not know how it looks now. And there is all names, waytypes (I tried guessing most of them), restrictions and speed limits.

There are no other sources of data in Norway except Bing imagery and surveying.


Remapping Kristiansand over 5 years ago

Kristiansand was hit quite bad by the redaction bot. The most active contributor in the area did not accept the new contributor terms. We are coordinating the remapping at Kristiansand have good imagery from bing but we need people on the ground.

There is also a mailing list for the norwegian comunity at And there is always people on in the #osm-no channel.

Good luck, Gnonthgol

Yay for Australia! almost 6 years ago

We do have the better resolution AGRI and landsat 7 under PD license, but we always love newer imagery even if thery are restricting usage on it.

WOF#7. Import guidelines almost 6 years ago

As quantiumstate writes and maybe add discussion with the local comunity with 'check quality'. It is important to see if the import is wanted by the comunity befor you start the import process.

I do not quite like the linear path. There are no problems to start discussing an import before you check the quality, or to check the quality of the data before you transform it. But don't upload before you have discussed the changes and given people time to go through what you intend to upload.

Otherwise this is great work. I love the nice graphical representations you make. It would make the wiki a lot better if you can document the process of importing better. It would be more worth to try and prevent people from submitting bad data then to fix bad data with with bots.

What is going on with relicensing? almost 6 years ago

Everything regarding the license change bot is fully transparant, if there is something you can not find it is because it is not there. You can check out the code at github and look at the mailing list archive, there are nothing more to show.

The reason why there have been little activity is that the work is hard. Even though I have not commited code in a while I am constantly trying to come up with a good algorithm for making the redactions.

There are basically two big problems halting the progress now:

  • Detecting if a change to a tag is 'trivial' or 'significant'. There have been several attempts at this, but there are always some edge conditions that are hard for a computer to detect.
  • Removing changes to way and relation geometries. When a decliner have changed the geometry we need to undo that change without messing up the rest of the object.

If you want to help look at the test cases and add some more cases that is not that hard. If you like to contribute with ideas or code that will be wonderfull. A lot of you do not know ruby (including me) but it is not hard to get a grip on if you know simular languages and are willing to spend some time reading tutorials. If not then contributions in any programing languages or psudocode are welcome. It is a lot easier to translate an algorithm between languages then to come up with a new algorithm.

Mapping request of Norway's villages almost 6 years ago

No, it is not possible to map theese places with images from Bing. It is almost perfectly alligned with the coastline, but just a few meters above the sea it is so distorted that it is worse then nothing.

My guess is that Bing have not ortorectified any of the images in Norway at all, or that they have used SRTM as a DEM that is not available in Norway. With most of Norway covered in mountains and the rest with steep hills it is impossible to get any sense out of the Bing images.

WOF#4. Database server load almost 6 years ago

@jhp The observed db problems are only observable if you look at stats over several months. The current setup will work without any problems for a long time, and that is before we have added more db servers. That was what I tryed to say in the first comment. There will be no problems in the forseable future.

You can get stats for all the servers at

@compdude I still remember the dreaded messages on digital cameras with flash memmory cards 'This card have not been formated yet. Do you want to format it?' And all the holiday fotos was on that single flash card.

Flash memmory are read only memmory that you can write to as an exception. SSD have clever electronics that limits those exceptions and tryes to recover any lost data. However there is a limit to how well it can do this. The only SSD disk in the data centers are the one that holds the standard layer render db. It is mostly used for writing diffs and reading a lot of random access data, the best sides of SSDs. For the main db a 16x RAID10 is better than any SSD disk.

WOF#4. Database server load almost 6 years ago

I am not sure what problem you are trying to solve. The current database server is bloody fast, and there is a double being added on. There are no problems with disk io in the raid setup we have in ramoth.

I agree that some time in the future it might be better to have some sort of double db or cached db that you can get an even faster api when the datasizes becomes too much for our current setup to handle. However this is not an issue yet, and takes a lot of man houres to make.

I understand that you did not like that your account was banned when you did what you thought was right. I hope you now understand why your edits was bad and that you learn from your mistakes.

I agree with you that bad imports should be reverted as soon as possible to prevent edits upon those imports. It can be imported later on in a way that the community sees benifitial. It is hard to fix a bad import with more bots.

If you want to help out you can create better tools. In addition to good editors that can handle relations logicaly there are no good tools for:

  • detecting bad imports/bots
  • reverting theese changes
  • doing good imports

It would help a lot if you would help out with this.

Pink dotted line in Waverley Road about 6 years ago

The map key can be a little deceptive. Blue dotted line is a cycleway and a purple line is an administrative border. If you open the 'data' layer you can click on the line and get more information from it.

Layers over 6 years ago

Editors like JOSM have filters that can make areas less cluttered and easy to work with.

Newbie looking for help to enter bicycle paths in Barcelona area over 6 years ago

You can try to ask questions on the help forum at

Translations are handled by .

Your changeset looks fine.

Underground/submarines cables - are they correctly shown? over 6 years ago

What does the source tag say? Does the changeset have a comment or a source tag? If not send a message to the uploader asking for a source.

Batch uploading multiple .osm files over 6 years ago

JOSM can open several .osm files at once. However I suspect most of the work is verifying the data before you upload. You do not want the data to be added several times over do you?