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New York Long Path 3 days ago

Have you checked for Strava gpx points? If it is an active trail, it is likely someone used the Strava app.

Mapping exit numbers on US motorways 13 days ago

Thanks for adding the ref numbers but I'm curious about the noref=yes. Is noref documented in the wiki?

Progress: Campus Indoor Mapping Project 24 days ago

You could use ogr2osm to create a .osm file that can be opened in JOSM as another layer. Then trace that layer into OSM. Let me know if you need help with org2osm and JOSM. I'm happy to assist.

Good luck with the project. There are so many uses for the information especially finding classes! I did a mapathon on a campus in that I wasn't familiar with and it took me forever to find the room.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 30 days ago

I do believe this will be my go to editor when I'm out with just my phone. Simple and easy to use. Now when we have a mapping party, we can suggest Maps.Me along with GoMap!!

One big suggestion would be to include the ability to search for tags much like iD and GoMap!!

As you update the type list, be sure to include restrooms aka toilets to the list. It was one of the features I tried to add today. New public toilets in Mount Vernon, WA.

MAPS.ME is now an editor 30 days ago

I'm headed out to give it a try.

Wolgan River and Capertee Valley Canyon about 1 month ago

I see someone did a fix on Woolemi National Park seven hours ago. Because of the size, it may take a while before it renders.

1st OpenStreetMap Mapping event in University of State of Mexico, Faculty of Geography about 2 months ago

Enhorabuena on a successful event. Working with geography students is fun. They catch on quickly and can make a real difference to OSM. We should compare notes. Our community is active with the University of Washington in Seattle and just did our first mapathon at Western Washington University in Bellingham.


A MapRoulette Update: V2, Pedestrian Safety, GeoJSON, and Floating Ways in China about 2 months ago

Martijn, Wow - Maproulette has really matured. I'd like to explore the sidewalk challenge more. We have a ngo in Seattle that wants to map sidewalks and wheelchair ramps. The sidewalk challenge may be just what they were looking for.


GPS Tracks from Costa Rica Trip March 2016 about 2 months ago

Did you upload your gps data to OSM?

Mapping with OSM about 2 months ago

Good luck with your continued mapping. If you haven't joined the talk mail list, I would suggest signing up. Great place to communicate with other mappers.


Starting to find my way 2 months ago

Enjoy the journey. OSM has so many interesting facets to dig into. Some people like to map railways, even if all they can see is one left over railroad spike. Others like to map high voltage power lines. I like mapping parks, sidewalks and addresses. It is also fun to be involved with your local community. If you don't have one try to start one. I've learned so much more from others than I would have discovered on my own.

Good luck and have fun, Clifford

Fixing the tagging errors in Rajahmundry 3 months ago

Did you notice any pattern in which editor was used? I did a quick search of my state without one hit.


Fixing the tagging errors in Rajahmundry 3 months ago

Did you notice any pattern in which editor was used? I did a quick search of my state without one hit.


Statistical data of the Dutch OSM mappers. 3 months ago

Great research.

My welcome program initially targeted just mappers in an area that could likely attend an OSM Mapping Party. Starting this year, I've expanded it to state wide. The next step is to create a survey for new users. A survey would give us their perception against the hard data that you reported.

At some point we need to find a better method of welcoming new users.


New Users 3 months ago

That is an impressive message. I like that it is in a number of different languages. I wonder how many of our new mappers have English as a second language.

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to use your message to rewrite mine.


Myth of Newbie 3 months ago

OSM really needs to survey mappers to better understand them. We could then working on improving process and tools, conversely, not change a process or tools when it's actually working. Unfortunately we have this aversion to contacting users through any mass mailings.

I would really like to automate the welcoming of new mappers in my area. Right now it means watching for newbie when their make their edit. It's not hard, but time consuming.

The Asia Foundation OpenStreetMap Workshop :: Butuan City, Caraga, Mindanao, PH 3 months ago

Nice work! Great to see all that activity.

If anyone has an iPhone, have them check out GoMap!! While I don't have an iPhone, I've used the app. It's easy to learn and use. Much like iD.

Clifford AKA Glassman

Seattle, WA, USA

New Users 3 months ago

Does the Dutch community manually send messages or is there some automatic way that I haven't discovered?

10 years 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing and your 10 year commitment to OSM.

New Users 4 months ago

Thanks everyone for their comments.

If anyone is interested, I used the IRC bot to find new users after they make their first edit. Of course it would be nice to contact everyone that just signed up, but AFAIK that isn't possible.

The 9% response rate is the people that responded to a message. The next step will be to see how active the 9% are as compared to the non-response group.

Now that I've moved to a more rural area, it appears that new local mappers are more responsive. Although they are few in number. I plan to start a new Meetup Group for this corner of Washington State. We'll see if that draws in new mappers.