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Validating Wikidata tags on OpenStreetMap 13 days ago

wikidata-osm is a nice visual tool but it's not suitable to fixing problems or even marking which problems have been fixed or marking ones as valid/invalid. That would save time by not having people look at a tag that someone else has already investigated. I would suggest using maproulette.

Maproulette could be used to mark the osm wikidata tag as valid - such as Unimak Island in Alaska. According to wikidata-osm the two nodes are both on the island but separated by a few kilometers. Or Sanak Island, also in Alaska. OSM has the node on the correct island while it looks like wikipedia has the node in the ocean.

By using Maproulette, nodes could be either marked valid, invalid or fixed. This way even Wikipedia could improved.

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 15 days ago

The Set WMS Bookmark would have worked but I was having a problem with chrome blocking so I did the work around.

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 15 days ago

Found my problem. My browser was blocking

To add the imagery permanently, I needed to go to the link for Washington 2015 1m select wms and copy the url found start after xlink:href=

Easy Access to United States NAIP Imagery for JOSM 16 days ago

My mine must be muddled. Can you give more info on adding to JOSM?

Engaging High School Geography professors with OpenStreetMap 22 days ago

Congratulations! I like how you gave time to so many tools.

Clifford Seattle, WA - Chinooks at Fisherman's Terminal

Pokemon Go trash 29 days ago

@forever2darkness - In the US we need more mappers in rural areas. Mostly we attract people in large cities, many with an active community. Our OSM meetup group has over 700 members. I'm real excited when I find an active mapper in rural Washington State.

One nice thing about mapping in rural America - you don't have fights over how something is mapped. You are the expert. So go fix any bad mapping you did early and go improve your town. Join us on talk-us mailing list or join the our Slack channel.

If you need help finding your old edits just let us know.


Pokemon Go trash 29 days ago

I send out welcome messages to new users in Washington State. Even ones that added crap. I encourage them to add only what can be verified on the ground. Most of the edits are good faith attempts to add data. I've spent hours verifying parks against local database. It turns out that most are accurate. Maybe they don't match shapefiles from cities or county shapefiles but they do add in parks. I've also seen a surprising number of edits from these Pokemon users. Typical new users do one changeset. I've seen a number with over 10 edits. It turns out that most of the vandalism is easy to spot. Parks polygons over residential neighbors is real common. Trails that couldn't possibly be correct.

Do they have quality problems - yes. But mostly because they are not familiar with OSM. Abbreviated street name, paths/footways not connect to adj. streets, and untagged ways.

The last new person changed a street into a waterway. But interestingly he also correct the street name. Local knowledge is useful. I removed the waterway and removed the bogus footways he added. End result, we have better data.

I'm as frustrated as you with vandalism. But I think potentially we can gain some active contributors if we help them.

I'm well aware of the post on Reddit. See my comments on the OSMUS Slack Channel. I also know that the number of new users has increased significantly. In one day, I contacted as many new users as I used to in a month.

I've scheduled a meetup for our area for next weekend. One of the topics is editing for Pokemon.

Rather than fight Pokemon, we need to welcome them with encouragement to become active community participants.


What's Wrong With Bing Maps? about 1 month ago

Have you tried other aerial imagery such as Mapbox? Both are slow to load initially, but fast once the cache is built up.

You should be able to change your location under your account in "My Settings." be sure to save the change after you move your marker.

Best, Clifford

Retaining New Users 2 months ago

Harry I trust you are refering to the post from make great hat.

What can I do? 3 months ago

Rick, Lots to do. Arizona roads need lots of care. When I'm visiting my Dad in Tucson, I spend most of my time getting roads fixed. The problem was the initial TIGER import. The TIGER quality in Arizona was really bad. The good news is - it's easy to fix.

Have some fun. Join us on [Slack.](Sign up at ) Post on Facebook

And just get out and map.

Best, Clifford

Experiments with an airport style 3 months ago

Your style sheet is returning an invalid token.

Building local mapping communities 4 months ago

Joost, I just added my scripts to github to capture new users using the IRC #osm-bot channel. You can find the scripts as well as my welcome message, which came from your community.


Apartment complex addresses 4 months ago

I applaud you for adding addresses to buildings. Hopefully someday soon, every address will be in OSM.

My solution to apartment numbers is using a node with the address, including the unit number (addr:unit) inside of the building outline. The individual units will render - but only with the housenumber. Tag the building outline with the main address. Check out Parkpoint Condominiums that was done a while back.


new member 4 months ago

We look forward to seeing your contributions to OSM. Feel free to join us on the Slack or on IRC #osm-us on


Road Segments, naming streets and Town-land boundries 5 months ago

We had a similar discussion last night. Roads connected to landuse. I usually un-glue roads connected to landuse or admin boundaries. It would be great if editors complained when landuse, landcover or boundaries are connected to roads.

HELLO OSM WORLD 5 months ago

Welcome to OSM. I hope you get as much satisfaction from contributing as I do.


Let's Talk Local at the Global State of the Map 5 months ago

Mikel, Terminology is getting rather confusing. We have Local Chapters and then we have local groups. The two are worlds apart. Local groups organize to improve their community. I can't speak for all the local groups, but I suspect very few have any sort of non-profit status. Local Chapters on the other hand would have a non-profit status, by-laws, members, etc. Local Chapters are organized to put on local State of the Map conferences?

The thing is, we really don't need Local Chapters. We need local groups. Everywhere. Before everyone jumps on me for that statement, consider what we need most. More contributors. Most of those will be the result of local groups.

Let's start by asking "what do we need to do to promote more local groups." Hopefully Local Chapters will step up to play strong role in helping answer that question. But Local Chapters are just part of the answer and maybe not even a critical part.

When we talk local, let's talk local, at the community organizing level.

Like you I really look forward to hearing the outcome of the discussion. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend or would otherwise be happy to participate.

OSM editor for mapping on iOS mobile devices? 6 months ago

I'll add a third vote for GoMap!! - The developer is always looking to make the app better. On top of that he is an active mapper as well. GoMap!! works for the entire iOS line - iPhone, iPad mini, iPad and iPad Professional.

Philippines Admin 4 Shapefile Data!!!!!!!! 6 months ago

What do you plan to do with all of these admin areas?

Milestone 6 months ago

Way to go. With your list of todo's, signage, buildings, addresses, don't forget sidewalks.