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OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.7.0 3 months ago

Thank you very much for your engagement! I appreciate your work expecially since I know there are so many issues and so few to resolve them.

I'm nevertheless wondering why there are about 4(!) overlapping issues regarding castle/fort - and nobody is daring to consolidate them? .

It's perhaps only a pull away to add such an obvious icon which often has no conflict in the woods.

Is it just because there are so few maintainers on the OpenStreetMap Carto style (Daniel, Andy and...)?

OpenStreetMap Notes: some interesting stats 3 months ago

Interesting web app I'm collecting such tools for OSM Notes management here: Perhaps I should move this content to the page?

OSM Analytic Tracker (OSMAT) 6 months ago

Added this tool in the OSM Wiki page. Feel free to open an own wiki page there:

RTK test, Aerial pictures accuracy, and OSM Database Accuracy 7 months ago

I’ve also heard from low-cost RTK GNSS which use Precise Point Positioning (PPP). Using these type of GPS mice (e.g. from u-blox) you don’t need a rover/base station and they reach sub-meter accurracy – especially when post-processed with RTKLIB: See e.g. .

Better Walking Papers 9 months ago

Many thanks. I see what you mean in the raster graphics and you mentioned areas (i.e. polygons with one outer ring and no inner rings) when drawing the Pies. But how forgiving is your plugin? What are the constraints of the Pie Sheet areas? What happens if a sheet polygon overlaps the Pie Overview polygon and/or another sheet polygon? What if the sheets are larger than the layout A4? Sorry for these silly questions - it's s perhaps because of my professional deformation :-) in GIS...

Better Walking Papers 9 months ago

@Zverik: I'm lost in your instructions when it comes to pie lines and areas... What do you all a "pie"? To me a pie is just a round thing.... What I expect here is, that a user just has to draw a perimeter (or task) as non-overlapping areas for each mapper.

You wrote:

  1. Yay, we've got a map. Sketch the pie with lines in the "Pie Overview" layer.

Lines forming what kind of shapes?

  1. Having finalized the pie, activate the "Pie Sheets" layer and draw areas around quarters that go on each of the printed sheets.

How do these areas relate to pies lines?

Perhaps two screenshots showing an example of "Pie Overview" and "Pie Sheets" layer would help?

Better Walking Papers 9 months ago

@tyr_asd: Just FYI: There exists a georeferencing tool inside QGIS and it's is well documented. Here it's of course a manual task. Now what about including a marker in the print composer which helps the user to georeference? That should be rather easy to program.

Some comments about the OpenStreetMap Awards over 1 year ago

Just as a side comment since you mentioned the work of Manuel Roth and Lukas Martinelli: Of course their work stands on the shoulders of open source software and spec. from others. But don't underestimate the work they did for keeping the vector tiles updated. This was the main topic of their bachelor thesis which can be openly accessed at .

Visualizing's Map Views over 1 year ago

Cool visualization! You may also want to follow my Twitter bot "Trending Places" and look at it's homepage. Som time ago I also wrote a blog post about early findings of OpenStreetMap standard map usage.


Mapping Mexico with INEGI, you and...Cygnus over 2 years ago

This software could be very helpful in many use cases. I assume Cygnus is a JOSM Plugin. Is it possible to test and possibly use it?

An idea for making it easier to link external data to OSM about 3 years ago

See also "Permanente/stabile OSM IDs!" on Talk-de

"Maproulette" in JOSM over 4 years ago

Ich bin daran zu überlegen, ob mit einem ReCAPTCHA die Leute, die sich bei OSM (oder so) registrieren wollen - und das CAPTCHA ausfüllen müssen - dazu zu bringen, genau solche fehlenden Verbindungen zu bestätigen - oder abzulehnen; mit "gesundem Menschenverstand", ansonsten wenn es sein muss mit Luftbild. Wir werden aber sicher nicht vor Dezember 2013 fertig sein - von daher ist deine Wette also noch nicht in Gefahr :-).

LG, Stefan alias Geonick

1 million is a big number over 5 years ago

Hi Harry

Nice blog. One million is a big absolute number indeed - and also in relative terms: it was you who reported almost exactly one year ago about the 500,000th signed up user of OSM in this thread: .

Yours, Stefan

P.S. Thanks for mentioning Kort which is a thesis work of two students of mine! There will be data for whole world soon.

OSM-Diashow almost 6 years ago

Vielen Dank für die schönen Kartenbilder! Wäre ev. noch nützlich, wenn es ein diashow.html (o.ä.) dazu gäbe.

LG, Stefan

osm2postgresql :o) about 7 years ago

In support of Andy Allan's hint to possible confusion with osm2pgsql I've added a remark to the owner of this project, mayeul, at this "Open Discussion":

The Java XAPI about 7 years ago

Is this XAPI UI really reflect the syntax of XAPI? Currently there is only one tag predicate. Isn't it possible to query more than one, like*[amenity=parking][capacity:disabled=*][bbox=-0.57,51.24,0.31,51.75]

Actually, even the OSM wiki leaves this question open:

It would be nice anyhow that the wiki page get's enhanced with a real syntax definition.