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Numbering houses about 8 years ago

I've been thinking about getting some business cards printed up to help with this type of isue. (and maybe others) will make them to a standard design for around £3 or £4 for 250. Somewhat more if you want to fully customise them with your own choice of logo and screed on the back but it would spread the word and probably placate the mildly suspicious.

ski runs at Timberline Lodge about 8 years ago

The piste:name thing had me baffled for a bit - not only does pistemap not render them but osm2pgsql doesn't import them without (I believe) editing I have yet to prove that I can import that tag on my installation.

The wiki seems to suggest that 'name' is the preferable tag and 'piste:name' should only be used where the way is used for something else as well as a piste (but I could be misunderstanding the wiki.)

Maps preferences seem to vary from person to person - I too greatly prefer the familiar Eu colouring scheme but appreciate others want something different. I am presently rendering my own piste maps with piste and lift direction arrows, colour-relief shading and contours as I just hate those artists impression maps that ski resorts hand out! I'd be happy to share my (still under development) style if anyone is interested.