rondabout problem, Solna - Sweden

Posted by FraMauro on 4 April 2010 in English (English)

I have a problem with a roundabout. I touched it and now it is not a roundabout any more... I have not enough knowledge to restore it
Sorry for the problem.
You can see the real situation in the aerial photo. Take into account that the roundabout is just a part of the road (Tomtebodavägen). I have the strong suspect that it was wrongly connected, maybe I'm wrong.

If you have time you can give a more realistic shape to the building, which is E shaped. Again I have not enough knowledge to do it.

Thank you in advance (tack så mycket )

Location: Röda bergen, Vasastan, Norrmalms stadsdelsområde, Stockholm, Landskapet Uppland, Stockholm County, Svealand, 11337, Sweden

Comment from asciiphil on 5 April 2010 at 20:29

I think I found the roundabout. Was it in front of the ECDC building? I restored it. If it's one-way (which it probably is, but I didn't want to assume), please make sure it points the right way and mark it oneway. I also straightened up the nearby hospital and a few other buildings.

If you feel like downloading an editing program, I suggest JOSM. It has several builtin functions for making things prefectly circular (I used that on the roundabout) and for straightening buildings so they only have right angles (I used that on the hospital). Potlach is great for quick edits, but more detailed changes are a lot easier with JOSM.

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Comment from FraMauro on 6 April 2010 at 04:33

The roundabout you modified is the correct one. Thank you for your help and advice

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