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Mapping Zirl in 2012 about 6 years ago

I am still trying to find a good way to collect data. Geotagging photos (using EXIF time and my GPX trace) did not work well for me because I only know "this picture was taken somewhere near this point", but not which house I photographed and I also couldn't make any other notes like "building=detached" or "building=apartments"). Some houses I photographed were not visible in aerial photography and from the pictures I took alone it was impossible to determine the shape and size.

I hope that using pen&paper will give me better results because I can add a lot more information. I also hope that it will stop all the old women watching me through their kitchen windows like I am some kind of terrorist going around photographing my next target.

And yes, Zirl has some beautiful hiking paths. Part of my motivation to map them is that I will have to go outside to map them. Turns out, OpenStreetMap might even be beneficial for my health ;-)

Mapping Zirl in 2012 about 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I luckily already have a GPS so I don't need financial support (which would only turn a fun hobby into a boring job :D) but having access to cataster plans or even just a list of houses would be of great help. I will contact the Mayor's office, though I am not sure if they actually are the copyright holders of that data. One plus point: The town's homepage actually uses OpenStreetMap to show various Points of Interest.