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Buscar direciones

19 days ago 6 days ago
closed 451220

6808 Odana

about 2 months ago 13 days ago
closed 401154 srividya_c

Is this access of the circle private? The routing is not possible as one cannot turn around. Can anyone please check it.

4 months ago 26 days ago
open 458875 FTA

There is a private parking garage here that was opened in 2013...hard to pinpoint the footprint without updated satellite imagery.

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 402130 FTA

Is this whole way really a bridge?

4 months ago 3 months ago
closed 269387 skquinn

Why is this tagged as highway=trunk ?

about 1 year ago 4 months ago
closed 140621

bounds: (32.3746,-99.8208 - 32.342,-99.7375)
Map is missing data here. Map is missing entire Bella Vista Estates subdivision

over 1 year ago 4 months ago
closed 184957

bounds: (32.3548,-99.7695 - 32.3508,-99.7591)
Map is missing data here. My entire addition, Tuscany Trails is missing from the map.

over 1 year ago 4 months ago
closed 275657


about 1 year ago 4 months ago
closed 352779 scout_osm

A user of the OSM-based Scout app reported the following possible map error: "timing off"

More information is available at:

Comments on this note are unlikely to be seen by the actual reporter of the error, but will be reviewed by the Scout team.

For more information about Scout, visit

7 months ago 4 months ago

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