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Leaco Scamper Fun Run Start and Finish Location

4 months ago about 2 months ago
open 143372 swbarr

More normally referred to as "Billy Walker Rd". Though County Rd 45 is technically correct.

7 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 177280

bounds: (43.3596,-89.1103 - 43.3034,-88.9438)
We now live in Columbus but we are looking for other areas to rent a home. We sold our home but we have not closed on it yet.

5 months ago 3 months ago
closed 196137 jfshurts

Shepard Terrace going north does not physically connect with Kendall Avenue. The street ends approximately 40m north of the intersection of Shepard Terrace and Chamberlain Avenue. The sidewalk on the west side of Shepard Terrace does continue the full length. There is a private driveway south off of Kendall Avenue that is on the west side of the sidewalk that ends about 2 meters from the north end of Shepard Terrace. From an aerial view it looks like a continuous street but is not. (Much to the confusion of drivers going west on Chamberlain...)

3 months ago 3 months ago
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Moved from OSB ID672272:
There is no rail visible on the SAT-Images, is there really a rail? [ngt, 2012-08-26 15:09:42 CEST]

12 months ago 5 months ago
closed 59582

My House

about 1 year ago 11 months ago

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