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MapBBCode: free maps for everyone 11 months ago

This is great!

Constant (re)mapping 11 months ago

I wonder how much cell data this app eats through. I imagine the major carriers don't let that data go free that verifies the location of the tower and associated IP addresses.

The TIGER versus OpenStreetMap Battle Grid, improved! 11 months ago

Thanks for posting the Battle Grid...this is something I will have to check out more often. I edit in mostly rural places and am saddened that some of these places haven't even been touched since the original TIGER import. The typical TIGER import artifacts always seem to pop up (like the V shape right near a road intersection or many many nodes in one little area) in these places. I will start removing the tiger:reviewed=no tag whenever I line up ways now to help with these efforts of comparison.

My first map edit 11 months ago

Never heard about OpenGeoFiction...I might give this a shot when I am tired of mapping in the real world. I do wonder if any maps exist of real fictional worlds (pardon the oxymoron), like Tolkein's or Martin's.

Looking for android gpx logger for POI collecting 11 months ago

I've had good luck with OSMtracker as well. It has the capability for voice recording AND picture taking if you desire. I'm sure with a little programming they can set it up where you activate recording via a bluetooth button. I do know whenever you click the voice record button, it records for a few seconds and then stops after an amount of time you set in the settings, so that eliminates a second button click.

osm2pgsql command lines 11 months ago

I lol'ed, as I have felt this pain numerous times before.

How to efficently fix an accidential moved area 11 months ago

Thanks for the plug about the changeset manager! I've had a situation or two where I have needed to use something like this but couldn't find an addon. Now I know :)

GPS Traces over 1 year ago

Thanks all for the comments! I've decided for the sake of determining proper speed limits, I will keep most of my traces public, as they are in-city. However, I will definitely have to check out some of the tools mentioned.

Love! almost 2 years ago

Thanks all for the comments and tips! The kind of alignment issues I am talking about is I guess a small one (see below:

I have gone ahead and aligned them as best as I can with the aerial footage. These are moves of maybe a metre or two, not miles. Best!