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open 798770 ElliottPlack

Hours for this post box

6 days ago 6 days ago
open 753956 ElliottPlack

Verify this junction with the bike route

about 2 months ago 13 days ago
closed 722361

FT Mc Henry

2 months ago 13 days ago
closed 348118

Delivery Destination (iDX)

over 1 year ago 13 days ago
closed 391636

Bike 01

over 1 year ago 13 days ago
closed 769829 M Lee

work (OSM data version: 2016-10-10T15:13:03Z) #mapsme

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
closed 494559 ElliottPlack

New office park back here. Requires tracing and ground survey. Add all the service roads too.

11 months ago 13 days ago
open 790134 ElliottPlack

Max height is 13'6" according to page, but construction may have updated

14 days ago 14 days ago
closed 176959 RainVac

This building is now called "Westshire Professional Center"....It used to be Washington Street School but it closed back in the 1970's. In the mid 1980's, it was converted over to office space for businesses.

over 2 years ago 16 days ago
open 787778 ElliottPlack

This roundabout is a mess

16 days ago 16 days ago

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