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A225 in Sutton at Hone over 6 years ago

Most interesting, I wonder how many similar errors that OSM could correct in the official datasets.

OSM Christmas Party London about 7 years ago

I unfortunately missed this, as I was sat in the Imperial computing lab, finishing off the compilers group project :(

Maybe I'll make it to an OSM Christmas meet at some point?

Possible improvements for the data browser pages almost 8 years ago

I only got a quick glance at wherecamp, how's it going?

Winter pub meet-up in Oxford Circus about 8 years ago

Unfortunately I couldn't make it, a little thing called a Final Haskell Programming exam at 10am this morning got in the way...

Looking forward to the 27th though!

OpenOrienteeringMap about 8 years ago


OpenStreetMap Christmas Party about 8 years ago

Unfortunately, I could be on a minibus to Dartmoor, otherwise, yes!

Micro-mapping mainline train stations about 8 years ago

Fantastic - getting GPS signal inside these places was impossible.

Trouble in Bayswater over 8 years ago

I personally preferred the glued style, but in these days of ultra-micro-mapping, there's little point now.

London Pub Meet-up Oxford St. over 8 years ago

How did I miss this? :(

tourism:private=wilderness_hut over 8 years ago

Isn't this sort of tagging usually used for things that have closed, eg amenity=pub disused=yes is difficult.

access=private is a different matter imo.

Webfind: [Tool] Compare Google Maps to OpenStreetMap over 8 years ago

It's been done to death before. Including by myself, but I took that site down in 2007 over fears that it would make copyright infringement easy.

How can I view a full old version of a relation with API? over 8 years ago

This is not possible.

The server does not store versions of nodes, ways and relations when they're added to a relation.

To get the full version of a historic relation, you need to compare timestamps of the historic versions of its members.

The server will not support this in the near future, due to the expense of this calculation.

Let's talk buildings tomorrow night over 8 years ago

Oh, and I'm sorry I can't make tonight, would have loved to talk about this more, but double-booked myself :(

Let's talk buildings tomorrow night over 8 years ago

We obviously need a building_importance=very tag to make them show up in bright red...

Let's talk buildings tomorrow night over 8 years ago

My changeset gives my feelings but, then look at the timestamp for an idea why.

Thanks for expressing the very things I was thinking last night.

Verifying the outlines is going to be an interesting challenge.

I was considering doing a central london survey for the whole day, mostly focusing on naptan tidying. However, I need to find a method for taking the existing data out into the field for comparison...

terrible site over 8 years ago

Google copied us ages ago, except their data isn't open.

Buses in south east London over 8 years ago

I was planning to ride all bus routes out of Sutton town centre with a GPS, I've not yet got around to it... (As so often is the case with me)

The PT Schema that dmuecke was ignored for the purposes of the NaPTAN import due to a fairly late arrival of the specification, and several queries people had over the details. (Plus it didn't help that the whole page was reverted after minor clarifications had been made to it...)

TopOSM update: Map legend and countour line labels over 8 years ago

Here's the XSLT one, it gives a lot of detail, and could probably be reduced down to just what's needed:

TopOSM update: Map legend and countour line labels over 8 years ago

I've seen a couple of mapnik legending scripts in the past, I think one was written by Jochen Topf in XSLT, and another started by Chris Schmidt in python, unfortunately, I don't currently have either to hand.

Sets of Eponyms in Street Names over 8 years ago

In Sutton, London, there's the Roundshaw Estate, built on the site of Croydon Airport.

Nearby, there's a few Surrey town names.

The whole of the St. Helier estate is named after the country's abbeys (they're all located in approximately alphabetical order, too)