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open 147105 EdLoach

The post office has moved now to Harwich Convenience Store, but is this post box still here. What is now in the building? vacant shop? new shop? survey required.

16 days ago 16 days ago
open 146662 EdLoach

A replacement for the demolished bridge might start construction May 2014 to complete by July 2014 according to

17 days ago 17 days ago
open 146635 EdLoach

These two houses looked finished when driving past yesterday. Need to go and confirm and to check numbers (probably 62 and 60 as it was 62 that was knocked down).

17 days ago 17 days ago
closed 139000 neiljp

Nothing here on bing; based on a prior edit this looks like a spurious move of a hotel node from what is now holiday Inn Colchester (to the north-east)

about 1 month ago 21 days ago
open 140973 brianboru

Undergoing refurbishment - is it still a school?

28 days ago 27 days ago
closed 140814

Footpath - not accessible by motor vehicle or bicycle.

28 days ago 28 days ago
closed 140765

Halecombe Quarry is here

28 days ago 28 days ago
closed 140788

37 Buckland Rise

28 days ago 28 days ago
closed 74050

Local paper reports this postbox due to be removed as on private property. No plans to replace according to RM as nearby one in Oxford Road. Survey at intervals and remove once it has gone.

5 months ago 29 days ago
open 10065 EdLoach

Gospel Hall is for sale. Resurvey and retag once sold.

10 months ago 29 days ago

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