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open 1007560 EdLoach

A section of this footpath between Hall Road and A120 to be diverted if no objections by 22/06/2017. Resurvey later in year.

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
open 1007554 EdLoach

Footpath diversion notice, objections by 22/06/2017. Footpath from Shair Lane to continue to east rather than turn to north. Resurvey later in year to check

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
open 1007545 EdLoach

Footpath diversion notice (on this one, I think), to start at roundabout to the east and follow track south (current official route has been blocked by wire fences for years). Objections by 22/06/2017 and resurvey once confirmed diversion.

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
open 1007544 EdLoach

Footpath diversion order (objections by 22 June 2017) - looks to divert public footpath to the other marked path to the west. Resurvey once diversion complete.

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
closed 812428 EdLoach

TJ's Social Club

6 months ago 8 days ago
closed 699035 pole_climber

"TDC PLANNING 16/00151/ful change of use from class a1 (retail) to a mixed use development comprising of a class a4 pub and garden area and 9 class c1 hotel expires Fri 02 Aug 2019"

9 months ago 8 days ago
closed 484781

15/00193/FUL | Demolition of the former factory and construction of 27 No dwelling | Former Bernard Uniforms Factory Harbour Crescent Harwich Essex CO12 3NT
Expires 16/11/18

over 1 year ago 8 days ago
open 573853

Looks like Harwich Brewing Co might be moving into the Harwich Depot Building.
"TDC PLANNING 16/00101/ful change of use of existing bus station to part general industry (b2 - brewery) and part drinking establishment (a4). expires Sat 27 Apr 2019"

12 months ago 9 days ago
open 596868 EdLoach

Need to check what is in this area. Advertising spread in today's paper suggests Willow Park Resource Centre has had an extension newly opened, but is that all that is in this area?

11 months ago 13 days ago
open 915410 pole_climber

TDC PLANNING 16/01829/ful demolition of a two storey building, erection of a new four storey new building which consists of retail unit on the ground floor and three, 2-bedroom flats, five, 1-bedroom flats, and a studio-flat at first, second and mansard-roof levels. expires Fri 31 Jan 2020

3 months ago 13 days ago

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