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almost 3 years ago about 15 hours ago
closed 1074843 Darren McGrogan

according to navigation, this road is closed but it isn't
This error is submitted from Navmii GPS.

1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 1074837


1 day ago 1 day ago
closed 1028890 EdLoach

Today's paper reports house somewhere in Agate Road to become a guest house

about 1 month ago 6 days ago
open 1046915 EdLoach

Does this footpath join to the road somehow? Prow FP 129 (Colchester) description "From the south end of King Edmund Quay at The Malt House, follows the west bank of the River Colne in south-easterly and southerly direction to the Borough boundary, continues in East Donyland parish as footpath 28"

25 days ago 6 days ago
open 311660 pole_climber

12/01023/FUL | Proposed development of 14 houses and garages. Demolition of small industrial building. | Site to The East of Chapelfields Harwich Road Wix Essex CO11 2RY expires Fri 17 Nov 2017

over 2 years ago 10 days ago
open 311172 pole_climber

14/00880/FUL Site access and car parking to facilitate the provision of allotments for community use. Land adjacent 3-15 Harwich Road and 19-29 Rigby Avenue Mistley Essex CO11 2DN expires Tue 19 Sep 2017

over 2 years ago 10 days ago
open 1007560 EdLoach

A section of this footpath between Hall Road and A120 to be diverted if no objections by 22/06/2017. Resurvey later in year.

about 2 months ago 11 days ago
open 1007544 EdLoach

Footpath diversion order (objections by 22 June 2017) - looks to divert public footpath to the other marked path to the west. Resurvey once diversion complete.

about 2 months ago 11 days ago
open 1007545 EdLoach

Footpath diversion notice (on this one, I think), to start at roundabout to the east and follow track south (current official route has been blocked by wire fences for years). Objections by 22/06/2017 and resurvey once confirmed diversion.

about 2 months ago 11 days ago

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