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Posted by EdLoach on 17 June 2009 in English (English)

I have to say I've never had anything but excellent customer service from the two companies I have dealt with regarding my GT31 unit.

I originally placed an order on StorageDepot's website for a GT31 last August, when it showed the stock was moving quickly (or words like that), but suggested at least that there was stock. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough, but I received an email from them apologising and giving me URLs linking to two other suppliers who did currently have stock, so I was still able to get a unit within a couple of days. Thanks to their kindness I used them later when I needed a replacement bicycle mount bracket (the screws disappeared on a bumpy cycle path in Milton Keynes - tip: paint over them with a female relative's nail varnish to help hold them in. Also works on pet collar name cylinders that screw together - I bought a few of those before the girl at the pet shop gave me the tip...). I added one of the things that hold it on your upper arm at the same time, which I've found useful mapping footpaths while pushing pushchairs.

Anyway, I ended up buying from and all was great until yesterday when I took out the SD card to copy tracks off (as usual), and afterwards it wouldn't lock back into the unit. I tested with a second card in case it was the card but had no luck there, so followed the returns procedure on their website and posted it yesterday lunchtime.

Just after noon today I got a call from them asking if I'd accept a staff member owned unit which was newer than the one I'd returned; because I'd owned mine for more than 28 days they had to send it back (to Taiwan) and wondered if I'd accept a newer (but used) one rather than wait for the repaired one. I jumped at the chance and suspect I'll see the unit possibly as early as tomorrow.

I should still be able to map something this weekend, after all.

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