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Post When Comment 2 months ago

Source code has been pushed to github

@gormo: I'll try to find other (more common) char. 3 months ago

Thank you. It is a very simple tool but I'll add new features. I think that I'll add nominatim and more editors. Right now is only Level0.

Some stats can be found here

Of course source code will be on github but I need a few days to clean up. Regarding of translations I'll use i18next and po files.

Thanks for your comment. 3 months ago

External database. I'll add dump function in future (of course on ODbL). OAuth is needed because I use the usernames in checks list. - Notes 6 months ago

Wheelchair is only a filter. Like cusine, diet when you select 'food' from menu.

Subject: 11 months ago

Przyznaj się, że nie jesteś bez winy. Po tym co odpisywałaś można różne rzeczy stwierdzić. Mieliśmy już takich co miasta usuwali.

Swoją drogą oceniasz community, a ile razy byłaś na mapping party? Znasz kogoś osobiście?

Creating a map with markers imported from OpenStreetMap about 1 year ago

I'm using overpass api for!17/51.10972/17.03158/

I will upload source code to github today. about 1 year ago

Thx. Fixed :-)

My new website about 1 year ago

Thank you. 'Set' button does the same what changing options. I should remove it but I had a few issues with refreshing data.

'Add Missing data' needs change and I like your proposition. Permalink is always in a website addres with all options.

My new website about 1 year ago

But maybe is better redirect to or something like this. It is your domain so you choose :) but i'm using free hosting and I'm not sure what I can. I check it.

My new website about 1 year ago


If you want then you can redirect them to . But website isn't ready. I have a lot of features on todo list :) -Changing the time and date -Timezones -Better popup -More icons -Tourism and sport panels -Own login to sending notes -and more more more... :)

Br, Adam

WMS i takie tam over 2 years ago

Możesz podać adres?