East West Regional Trail, Douglas County, Colorado

Posted by DavidJDBA on 31 October 2010 in English (English)

I took advantage of yesterday's warm weather to ride and track a new portion of the Douglas County East West Regional Trail. I headed westward from the Dad Clark Trail south of Mountain Vista H.S. to where the E-W Trail joins the Spring Gulch Trail.
This mostly downhill run was scenic and fun! The dirt trail has a lot of curves, hills and moguls; but it's not really technically challenging (at least not at my speed).
With the GPS still recording, I also mapped a new leg of Plaza Drive (not entirely on the aerial photos yet) from Ericksson Blvd to Lucent. And the Highline Canal Trail has been realigned a bit in this area.
Of course, the ride between my house and the trail heads was uphill and against the wind in both directions.

Location: East West Regional Trail, Kellytown, Douglas County, Colorado, 80126, United States of America

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