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Just noticed I've passed 350 edits 1 day ago

Once you do learn it though, you'll likely never go back

In saying that, I use iD in work where I can't instal josm on some machines

get children involved 9 days ago

I foresee edit-wars around the dinner table ;)

A year's difference, locally 10 days ago

In that case, have a look at

It might suit your style of surveying

new at using JOSM - how go back and edit my work? 11 days ago

Dont worry if you didnt add them previously, just add them in future. they are useful and important as they give an indication as to what you were editing but dont sweat it if you forget them now and then

A year's difference, locally 11 days ago

How I usually do it is map everything from aerial imagery first, then when I go to do a ground survey, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to add notes to specific buildings/features if you have them mapped already.

Are you on iphone or android?

Personally I use android and when I'm out and about I use a variety of different apps for different purposes

  • OSMTracker when I'm in the car, I use it for noting speed limits and major features that can be done safely while driving
  • OSMPad for collecting addresses. Very useful in that you can place the mapped info directly over the property its related to.
  • Keypadmapper is a very powerful app for collecting data when doing ground surveys. the only function its missing it the only one OSMPad has, which is why I use the two seperately, though it will be coming soon at which point Keypadmapper will be the best for data collection
  • Vespucci for on the go edits that are saved direct to OSM. I don't use this too often as I prefer to gather as much as possible when surveying and do my editing at home, but it is very useful and under constant development so always getting better and more powerful
A year's difference, locally 12 days ago

Nice work

I see you are starting to get into the fine grain building mapping in some residential areas too. You'll be surprised by what you find once you start doing surveys of these areas especially if you plan on adding addresses

Best of luck, see you in a year ;)

Excited to Say, I am a Presidential Innovation Fellow 15 days ago

Congrats MIkel, well deserved

25000000 29 days ago

At that rate of growth, I'd wager Feb 2015 or Mar 2015 at the latest

The Notes feature, please read first before making a note about 2 months ago

"Notes" by their very definition are informal things so applying rules around them would possibly lead to less usage

Also, I don't see any issue in non-user created notes, for example see @osmthis twitter account. Tweet a geotagged photo to that account and it creates a note with a link to the photo

However, I do agree there are a lot of useless notes out there.

10th Anniversary Name Fix Challenge about 2 months ago

Found something I havent seen before. the following tags applied to roads

source=Eric Jarvies. All rights reserved. ©2010 ( or added_by=Eric Jarvies(

dry streams about 2 months ago

Just to make you aware, intermittent=yes is the accepted way for tagging these.


There are over 724,000 instances of intermittent=yes with several hundred thousand occurrences of water/streams tagged as such, see

This is versus 561 results for intermittent=dry, 560 of which are assigned to streams in New Mexico by yourself and weirdly form a single straight line, see

It is up to you, but in your shoes, I would be tagging as intermittent=yes as this is the standard accepted way of tagging for this type of feature

Upcoming Vespucci 0.9.5 release about 2 months ago

Holy crap

  • Fast address tags adding with house number prediction

definitely going to give this a whirl

Smartphone mounts 2 months ago

I love the simplicity of it

You images in the car as clear. Any I've tried with Mapillary have been blurred and useless. Were you driving slowly or is there a phone setting you used?

Articles about OpenStreetMap 2 months ago

Nice work!

Data that I capture with my phone 3 months ago

Check out OSMTracker also on Android, I often use it when driving

street name 4 months ago

Are you saying the map you see on OSM is correct but an app you are using is not showing the same info?

If so, you should be able to update the map in whatever app you are using

Третья пензенская картовечеринка 4 months ago

Nice work!

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 5 months ago

This is excellent!

What kind of user/challenge stats do MapRoulette users want? 6 months ago

I think the various tools Pascal Neis and others have produced over the years should answer your question.....Openstreetmap users love stats, give us more than we know what to do with :)

How do you map house numbers efficiently? 6 months ago

I forgot to add, the beauty of OSMpad is the way is works, you have a set of cross hairs, you move your slippy map around to position the cross hairs where you want to add the address data, then simply add your house number.

This ensures you place the data accurately