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Grass&Green is a new tool pointing to crucial issue and need your support about 11 hours ago

locking the zoom on the imagery layer kind of defeats the purpose. Users should be able to zoom in and perform a closer inspection

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap 27 days ago

Just a side note, there would likely be a far larger adoption if the plugin could be configured for left hand driving

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

Given one option is used on a more wide basis, it seems that should be the default, as normally happens with tagging in OSM

However, this plugin makes the other option massively appealing. Seriously, it would be childs play to map a complex junction with something like this.

The obvious solution would be to depreciate the plugin and develop a new one with the turn:lanes tagging instead.

That way you get:

  • Standard tagging
  • Option for people to use the manual method as they've always done
  • Additional option to expand potential users by simplifying the task with the plugin
  • Much wider adoption of turn lane mapping in general

As to how this could be done in reality, the navigation reliant companies (Scout,, OSMand etc) should come together and split the costs of development as something like this would benefit them the most. What I mean is, this is pretty specialized mapping for general users and not likely to be high on the list of things to be mapped

Starting up again about 1 month ago

Something else you can do, if your photos have geo exif data, upload them to too so others can make use of them

Microtasking from Disaster Mappers - help needed about 2 months ago

This is great, a guy in IRC, POVaddict was his name I think, did something like this previously for Mali mapping or DRC mapping about 1-2 years ago. Covered a massive area in a very short period.

I did a blast of tiles but one thing I noticed, the controls say you can zoom/move the imagery but I didnt find this to be the case, rather it was just static images. Its not an issue if thats what they are supposed to be, but maybe remove that instruction if thats the case as it could lead to confusion / frustration for others

Mapillary about 2 months ago

Have you any tips for sorting through your virb images?

I have a folder with about 70k images that need to be sorted into acceptable Vs unacceptable images and broken into sequences

As you can imagine its quite a task and over the summer I'll have over 100k more images coming to me from the virb (I lend it out to people to capture images for me) so any tips would be appreciated

OSMAnd+ for my too-Smartphone about 2 months ago

You should also check out the Mapillary app too. Its easy to use and you could collect thousands of images that could be used by many others, all with very little effort on your part

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada about 2 months ago

great interview

GSoC'15 Project update 2 months ago

This is great work on a badly needed feature, nice work

Tasking manager for field data 3 months ago

What you outline is like a cross between Field Papers and Mapcraft with the best of both (and something else) mixed in

  1. Make your grid in field papers, equivilant to the grid used in mapcraft.
  2. Complete a field survey with Field papers for a grid square
  3. Scan the sheet
  4. Add the field papers sheet url to the corresponding grid square on Mapcraft
  5. Remote mappers take a mapcraft tile, and open the area in JOSM.
  6. Using the field papers plugin in JOSM, copy the url from mapcraft and paste into JOSM
  7. Hey presto, your field survey notes appear as the imagery layer for that tile in JOSM
  8. Remote mapper grades the tile (heatmap scale, red to green) for how useful the field survey notes were and if there are any gaps
  9. Now you have a feedback loop between field surveyors and remote mappers :)

Thats the high level overview, buts its definetly possible to do what you are talking about using tools like that. Adding links to other sources, as you mentioned, is also easy to do.

Adding lake names to Ireland 3 months ago

super useful, cheers!

Sneak Preview of the Next Vespucci Release 3 months ago

I look forward to trying it out

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution 3 months ago

You've done good work and the gif shows the progress in the area quite nicely

Second Attempt at OSM 4 months ago

Your edits are most welcome :)

If you need any assistance, the OSM help site is very useful

OSM Seminar in the heart of Africa 4 months ago

Nice work

map styles: Default OSM vs Google Maps 4 months ago

The mapstyle becomes almost unreadable when you look at areas with smaller buildings and higher densities e.g.

As ppawel stated, anything you do to improve the situation will be considered a success.

A poor main mapstyle reflects poorly on the project as a whole and I welcome your involvement to implement improvements.

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? 4 months ago

ah yeah, been busy lately,

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? 4 months ago

aww, thought I would have made the list at #379, dang must be just outside the rankings

30000000 5 months ago

ohh so close!

Gauntlet thrown so. Next predicition is 2nd Nov 2015

Editing of Zambia and Botswana completed 5 months ago

hi Jan, did you happen to take many geotagged photos on your travels? If so, it would be great if you could upload them to mapillary

Also, out of curiosity, how long did the journey take you?