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Who are the Missing Mappers? 22 days ago

Something I forgot to mention, having it on a Saturday and making it 6 hours means people are more likely to make an effort to travel that bit further to attend

This likely isn't an issue in larger cities, but if you want to include those from outside the cities then it really helps

2 years of overpass turbo 22 days ago

I know I personally hadnt a clue what overpass was until the wizard came along

It really has made a huge difference

Who are the Missing Mappers? 22 days ago


Take a look at the differences for a possible clue

The thing that jumps out to me is location. I don't know about you but a pub would be right at the bottom of my list for a good location for a meetup for a variety of reasons

  • trying to plug in a laptop
  • protect the laptop from pints spilling
  • hard to move around to mingle or even to get someone to look over your shoulder
  • can be loud
  • a pub environment, for someone new, walking into a crowd who know each other well...thats intimidating
  • the association with alcohol discourages younger participants

To give an example of some of the Irish meetups

  • we meet on a weekend, 12-6pm, the pub happens afterwards for anyone who wants to
  • a line of tables
  • plenty of space to move around
  • wifi
  • thats it

We've had local council people, start ups, academia, OAP's, students etc etc, a huge mix, attending over the various meetups.All have had a wide variety of interests and reasons for attending.

zool & Harry

Regarding promoting the event, you can never have too many channels if all you use them for is promoting the event. Sure keep one or two as the main communication channels, but for future events I'm looking at

  • mailing list
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • google+
  • (I was really surprised at how effective this one is from other groups)
  • 1 page flyer that can be printed by anyone and posted anywhere (work, college, etc) and linked from all of the above
  • etc etc

Also start a week or two out from the event, and continuously promote it as the time draws closer

If the whole point is to promote something to increase the amount of people attending, why on earth would you place a restriction on your avenues of promotion. If sharing personal info is a concern (Facebook) sign up as OSM "Whatever" and set up a group page

You also want your own members promoting the hell out of it too

If anyone complain about spam, well they were never likely to go in the first place so let them unsubscribe if one or two extra emails is that much of an inconvenience.

We typically have quarterly meetups, so they are more of an event when they happen which may have an impact also

Addressing about 2 months ago

Completely agree

Address mapping is a slooooow process but it is undoubtedly valuable data and data that fits perfectly within OSM

New Zealand Data Help about 2 months ago

neat little service that, I like it

does it result in much data being opened?

#MapLesotho - Heading towards a full basemap about 2 months ago

Thanks, yes we have had a great year and we've some great plans for this year too

I'm not sure what you mean by get more feedback? Most of the current users of the data in lesotho are government planners and there is a nice loop going where they look at an area, map it, then use the data to assist with further planning for the same area. Is that what you mean?

Mapillary will indeed be fantastic fior somewhere like Lesotho and I personally will be pushing it a lot when we visit in a few weeks.

There is a high % of smartphone penetration, so much so that Vodacom, the main phone / broadband provider are skipping any further DSL rollout due to poor penetration of landlines and instead going straight to LTE / 4G mobile networks across a lrage portion of the country.

This will be a big help to OSM mapping but the big risk is data charges. If they make it too expensive it'll die on its proverbial ass

Improve a map - before and after about 2 months ago

Nice work :)

JOSM 7906 released 2 months ago

as always, nice work folks

Now Live: Notes Posted By Scout Users 3 months ago

Love it!

If reports /notes are what users are comfortable with in terms of improving the underlying data, more power to them :)

I look forward to seeing these notes popping up around the place

See who's adding townlands/baronies in Ireland! 3 months ago

Nice one rorym!

Fyi, the link to a users OSM page is written as follows

So its just opening again rather than jumping out to OSM

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 3 months ago

When I saw this I had the same thought as Joost, something like this for wifi would be a good idea

This could be expanded to many different uses e.g. Bus stops (rtpi, shelter, recessed etc) fast food (cuisine), parking (free or not), schools (level, mixed, ethos, etc)

Heck the toilet map recently reported on would benefit massively from something like this

As a proof of concept I think it's fantastic and a great example of what can now be done because the groundwork is done

Props to you Tom

One year older 3 months ago

following that theme...Congratulations on Ten years of Mapping!

Hey, Bryce! Bike repair! 3 months ago

couldnt think of a better icon from the options listed but anyway, here you go

Bike parking 3 months ago

You might like this

Roadmap: A State of the Map for all communities worldwide 3 months ago

This is fantastic, truly it is!

I'm a stats nut so something like this is right up my street. I really am looking forward to seeing what comes of this and hope to see this grow and grow.

Potlatch 2: see two sets of imagery at once 4 months ago

BAN P..... wait... damnit this is excellent!

this should be in JOSM

Nice work Richard

Kiln not seen(rendered) in OpenStreetMap 4 months ago

Yup, the 2 mappa mercia links posted above are what I use for most of my maps starting points now, they make it so simple

If you have some kind of icon already created aswell for kiln's, you can use that I think, Robjn would probably be able to tell you how exactly, I havent done it yet, but am planning to soon

Finished adding the new stretch of Edsån 5 months ago

Nice work

OpenStreetMap Carto v2.22.0 5 months ago

Well done to all who worked on this, really nice, subtle improvement. Congrats to all on a job well done

Keeping OSM up to date with OSMfocus 5 months ago

This is brilliant.

For future development something I would recommend from a personal point of view would be:

  • Offline mode is a must. Data charges can be prohibitive
  • Set a standard location for the popout which relates to the crosshair e.g. top left. This is purely to prevent the user having to scan all (up to 8) popouts when looking for info on a specific feature
  • The popouts, I would make them a min of 3 lines in height to make them easily usable in touch interfaces which, when tapped, would offer a list of options to:
  1. Add a note on OSM
  2. Edit tags on OSM
  3. Take a photo
  4. Record a note