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Creating interpolated GPX files for Mapillary 1 day ago

That video is under the Standard Youtube License, Mapillary is under CC-BY-SA

Is there a conflict between those?

How large are our national contributor communities and how are they developing? 8 days ago

@woodpeck I understand that view however i disagree with it. I think time has proven that sitting back and waiting for things to happen is the worst possible way to growth.

OSM is what, 11 years old now, and has 2-4 registered local chapters, maybe 2-3 dozen other active "communities" and the rest are loners who happen to live within the same boundaries.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking about kickstarting in the fashion you suggest however without providing some means of enabling local communities to connect inside OSM at a regional or national level, you are losing out on those folks who want to get together and connect simply because they don't have the means to find others.

In all seriousness, get someone who has never edited OSM before to sit down and create an account on the site and ask them to try connect with the local community. Its not possible. You have to leave the site, go to Google, end up in the wiki and go to an external site, find another means to connect e.g. facebook or other and possibly install software (IRC).

As I said, I am not talking about kick starting in the manner you suggest, I am talking about making it easier for people who want to connect, to actually connect. The rest, as you say will happen naturally, but there are smart "hands-off" things that can be done to facilitate that development.

How large are our national contributor communities and how are they developing? 8 days ago

Personally, I would be a lot less focused on where there are active communities and more concerned with where there is little to no mapping going on, notwithstanding access to the internet or population

OSM, as a whole does a pretty poor job of helping to develop local communities.

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Corley (Ireland) 12 days ago

Thanks @malenki Glad you enjoyed it

bot user accounts 25 days ago

At the very least a captcha?

LPS(OSNI) Release Northern Irelands townlands under OGL 2 months ago


Harry Wood admin abuse. Do we need him as admin at wiki??? 2 months ago

@d1g First off, personal attacks are unnecessary. Your criticism of Harry is way off the mark.

I do not know you personally, but I know of you, or rather your alternate nick. I'm fully aware of why you were banned. Thats not a good thing. What I mean is, you are known to a large amount of people in OSM for all the wrong reasons.

Your edits were indeed useful and welcome (for the most part), however your attitude in dealing with others, as can be clearly seen by your reaction to each reply on this page, was, at best, abrasive, at worst, abusive.

If you were able to control your temper I would have no doubt you would be a massively useful member of the community, you clearly have a lot of energy and enthusiasm but you need to be able to work with people.

At the end of the day, OSM is a project of global collaboration. Part of collaboration is compromising with others. If you can not learn to collaborate then I don't see a future for you here which would be sad

Mapeando com o osmtracker 3 months ago

@Nighto I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but if you go to preferences in JOSM, there is an option to "Draw Direction Arrows" under Display Settings which will help you identify if a voice note refers to the left or right

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 months ago

This is fantastic. I recommend this app to loads of folks regularly.

One way of folding the daily updates into the app could be to maintain the monthly updates as is, but offer a daily diff with the most recent monthly update as the start point so if you wanted to add a daily update on say, the 7th of the month, you are only downloading 7 days worth of changes

Again, great app, love whats being done with it and looking forward to seeing whats to come

Grass&Green is a new tool pointing to crucial issue and need your support 3 months ago

locking the zoom on the imagery layer kind of defeats the purpose. Users should be able to zoom in and perform a closer inspection

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap 4 months ago

Just a side note, there would likely be a far larger adoption if the plugin could be configured for left hand driving

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap 4 months ago

Given one option is used on a more wide basis, it seems that should be the default, as normally happens with tagging in OSM

However, this plugin makes the other option massively appealing. Seriously, it would be childs play to map a complex junction with something like this.

The obvious solution would be to depreciate the plugin and develop a new one with the turn:lanes tagging instead.

That way you get:

  • Standard tagging
  • Option for people to use the manual method as they've always done
  • Additional option to expand potential users by simplifying the task with the plugin
  • Much wider adoption of turn lane mapping in general

As to how this could be done in reality, the navigation reliant companies (Scout,, OSMand etc) should come together and split the costs of development as something like this would benefit them the most. What I mean is, this is pretty specialized mapping for general users and not likely to be high on the list of things to be mapped

Starting up again 4 months ago

Something else you can do, if your photos have geo exif data, upload them to too so others can make use of them

Microtasking from Disaster Mappers - help needed 5 months ago

This is great, a guy in IRC, POVaddict was his name I think, did something like this previously for Mali mapping or DRC mapping about 1-2 years ago. Covered a massive area in a very short period.

I did a blast of tiles but one thing I noticed, the controls say you can zoom/move the imagery but I didnt find this to be the case, rather it was just static images. Its not an issue if thats what they are supposed to be, but maybe remove that instruction if thats the case as it could lead to confusion / frustration for others

Mapillary 5 months ago

Have you any tips for sorting through your virb images?

I have a folder with about 70k images that need to be sorted into acceptable Vs unacceptable images and broken into sequences

As you can imagine its quite a task and over the summer I'll have over 100k more images coming to me from the virb (I lend it out to people to capture images for me) so any tips would be appreciated

OSMAnd+ for my too-Smartphone 5 months ago

You should also check out the Mapillary app too. Its easy to use and you could collect thousands of images that could be used by many others, all with very little effort on your part

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada 5 months ago

great interview

GSoC'15 Project update 5 months ago

This is great work on a badly needed feature, nice work

Tasking manager for field data 6 months ago

What you outline is like a cross between Field Papers and Mapcraft with the best of both (and something else) mixed in

  1. Make your grid in field papers, equivilant to the grid used in mapcraft.
  2. Complete a field survey with Field papers for a grid square
  3. Scan the sheet
  4. Add the field papers sheet url to the corresponding grid square on Mapcraft
  5. Remote mappers take a mapcraft tile, and open the area in JOSM.
  6. Using the field papers plugin in JOSM, copy the url from mapcraft and paste into JOSM
  7. Hey presto, your field survey notes appear as the imagery layer for that tile in JOSM
  8. Remote mapper grades the tile (heatmap scale, red to green) for how useful the field survey notes were and if there are any gaps
  9. Now you have a feedback loop between field surveyors and remote mappers :)

Thats the high level overview, buts its definetly possible to do what you are talking about using tools like that. Adding links to other sources, as you mentioned, is also easy to do.

Adding lake names to Ireland 6 months ago

super useful, cheers!