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“Mum. There’s an Old Man at the Door” 6 months ago

Ha, gave me a chuckle.

GSoC Diary 1 6 months ago

These are fantastic updates. Really useful, thank you!

Mapper in the Spotlight: Pete Masters (Scotland) 7 months ago

Another great interview, thanks escada

Your OpenStreetMap Story 8 months ago

Ha! That is cool

Easily map individual parking spaces using the terracer plugin in JOSM 9 months ago

not dismissing your work, but I think my way is easier and a lot more in line with the norm

Map the whole parking area as amenity=parking

Thats it. 1 polygon/closed way

If I know the info, I will add capacity, operator etc

I'm not sure I see any benefit in mapping spaces to this level of detail (and I'm a lover of micromapping)

One major downside is the visual clutter it would create due to the amount of Parking icons appearing on the map

Is there possibility to retag addr:housenumbers without european scheme? (updated) 9 months ago

Is that not achieved by using the country boundaries (relations)?

JOSM and Me... (DeBigC) 9 months ago

About the only thing I use iD for is mapping turn restrictions. It makes it sooo easy.

For everything else I use josm but that's the to say it couldn't be improved or doesn't have "quirks" of its own

The city of Chandigarh is taking a very good shape on OSM. 10 months ago

thats some nice mapping, nice work!

Mapper in the Spotlight: dkiselev (Russia) 10 months ago

"Most difficult part of OSM is the "nobody needs that" approach on tagging and talk mailing lists. Guys, just think, If somebody uses a mailing list, which is pain by itself, to ask you what is the best approach to map a thing, there is a demand for that kind of things to be mapped."

I like your logic

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI 11 months ago

ok, now one for iD ;)

Well done, fantastic and hugely useful

Preannouncement for a new project with a long name 11 months ago

No, dont have linux installed or virtual machine

Preannouncement for a new project with a long name 11 months ago

You lost me at command line :P

From Mapper to Validator to Judge 11 months ago

@BushmanK no we havent gotten to that stage yet.

Right now we are working on completing as much of the validation work before our next trip in Feb.

One of the goals during the in-person training will be the use of KeepRight, OSMI, Overpass etc for further improvement of the data.

This validation sprint is more focused on making sure the task requirements have been met for each tile to as high a standard as possible.

I would love to load up all the additional validation tools as part of this sprint, however I think it would be too burdensome at this stage

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Polyglot 11 months ago

Going to have to check out that PT route plugin, cheers :)

Re-tagging picnic sites with leisure=picnic_site and amenity=picnic_site to tourism=picnic_site 12 months ago

leisure=picnic_site - 100 items tourism=picnic_site - 83,313 items

In other words, of 83,413 sites, 0.12% are tagged as leisure versus 99.88% tagged as tourism

I think its safe to conclude leisure is obviously incorrect

Re-tagging picnic sites with leisure=picnic_site and amenity=picnic_site to tourism=picnic_site 12 months ago

Lets not over complicate where its not needed.

If they're tagged wrong, they should be corrected.

Objetivos 12 months ago

Nice work!

Shipping JOSM configuration plugin 12 months ago

I really like this. I am going to have to play around with it during the holidays.

Awesome work

Dejaré de dar las Bienvenidas a OSM... 12 months ago

Many thanks for doing this. Its just a shame this isn't something we could do automatically

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Lutz Lange (Germany) 12 months ago

great interview