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Articles about OpenStreetMap about 14 hours ago

Nice work!

Data that I capture with my phone 27 days ago

Check out OSMTracker also on Android, I often use it when driving

street name about 2 months ago

Are you saying the map you see on OSM is correct but an app you are using is not showing the same info?

If so, you should be able to update the map in whatever app you are using

Третья пензенская картовечеринка about 2 months ago

Nice work!

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 2 months ago

This is excellent!

What kind of user/challenge stats do MapRoulette users want? 3 months ago

I think the various tools Pascal Neis and others have produced over the years should answer your question.....Openstreetmap users love stats, give us more than we know what to do with :)

How do you map house numbers efficiently? 4 months ago

I forgot to add, the beauty of OSMpad is the way is works, you have a set of cross hairs, you move your slippy map around to position the cross hairs where you want to add the address data, then simply add your house number.

This ensures you place the data accurately

How do you map house numbers efficiently? 4 months ago

I do a similar process, but with a different app, OSMpad. Its designed for one thing only, to collect house numbers only so you don't have all the bells and whistles of Keypadmapper and Vespucci, both of which are still awesome app's in their own right.

How I gather data, I firstly map buildings from imagery, then go survey on foot, bike or car.

There have been afternoon's when I've collected close to 1,000 addresses.

I go down a street, mark the first house numbers on each side of the road, visually count down the row of houses, and work out what the last house numbers should be, drive down to the end of the street, if my estimation matches with the actual house numbers, I added the last #'s in the row.

Once finished, I email the completed traces through OSMpad to myself, open them up in Josm and begin adding everything I've collected, and fill in the gaps where I only gathered the first and last #'s.

One piece of advice, from someone who has collected thousands of addresses. When you are collecting, email the traces to yourself every 100 houses or so. Don't let your trace get too big otherwise you'll be cursing yourself when you go to add the data in JOSM, there will simply be too much fine detail to be added over too large an area. Keep the traces small and lean, that way you can quite easily sit down in one go and add 100 addresses quite comfortably.

Doing it that way, you will be surprised at how quickly you can collect and add address data for very large areas.

Fingal and Lesotho 4 months ago

Hi Big C, I went to create the task manager job for Mohlakeng tonight, but ther wikipedia link you posted, when I look at the imagery I only see a tiny village, about 30-40 houses.

The wikipedia page leads me to believe that Mohlakeng is a large area that encompasses many villages akin to an Irish parish

Can you clarify if thats the case. If it is, its no big deal. I can add many groups of tasks within a single one

new useful proposal 4 months ago

Nice work

Added my comments to the discussion

Fingal and Lesotho 4 months ago

From me :)

Using HOT's Task manager, a few days ago i set up the first task to be done, Maseru City and suburbs, or rather the first part of it (its a big city). If you are interested in assisting with this effort, please take a task at here. The main items to be mapped are buildings & highways (tracks, walkways etc)

This weekend, I will set up the additional tasks for the other areas listed above and post a separate diary entry on those. I have held back from sending out a general call for assistance due to the Ebola mapping effort going on at the moment.

I've also started putting together the beginnings of information on the Lesotho wiki page available here

My Experience, Accuracy 4 months ago

That should say Josm, damn auto-correct

My Experience, Accuracy 4 months ago

You SFSU folks should take a look at some of the existing apps available for doing OSM surveys

On Android there's OSMTracker, KeypadMapper, OSMTracker, Vespucci etc

For ios there is PushPin and others

Using these can really speed up your data gathering with the added benefit of data going directly into OSM (PushPin & Vespucci) or allowing you to load your gathered data directly into Jose (OSMTracker & OSMpad)

Btw, I'm loving the work you folks are doing, the campus is looking better by the day

iD Newbie friendly feature request 5 months ago

Unfortunately, as I stated above, I do not have the necessary skills to implement something like this. My background is not one of a programmer unfortunately

My hopes with the above post were that it would inspire someone with the necessary skills :)

My new wishlist 5 months ago

.3 - I doubt it. There are many pre-existing maps covering the UK and a large contingent of mappers already on the ground there. HOT's work is primarily where there is no good geo data to begin with

I'm open to correction on all of the above though :)

iD Newbie friendly feature request 5 months ago

Posted to github

My new website 8 months ago

god I hate markdown, apologies about that being a mess to read as I can't edit my comment

My new website 8 months ago

Excellent, love it, cant wait to see what else you are going to do with this

Some comments: - When I select different options and new markers are being loaded there is nothing to show the user that a query is in progress, instead it just looks like nothing is happening. Maybe add something to show a query is being processed or alternatively speed up the process - I'm using chrome (Version 31.0.1650.57 m) and twice it locked up the browser. Noticed it happening when I zoomed into level 14 and tried to zoom back out again - "Set", what does this do? - Its great that you can add notes for existing features, however it would be good to be able to add notes for features that don't show up - Under the "Add Missing Data" window, I would suggest wording it something like:

Option 1 - Add the data yourself, its easy, click here to go to the openstreetmap website and sign up. It only takes a few mins and the new information will appear within minutes. You will also likely have the option to use satellite imagery which will allow you place your information more accurately.

Option 2 - Add a note for other mappers which they can use to add the missing data. Be clear in what you want added. The more detail and the clearer your message, the more likely it will get added to the map. Be aware, you may have to wait several days before you see your information added to the map.

  • Where the user decides to go to OSM and sign up, the link to OSM should bring them to the same map view to save the user having to pan and scan to get back to the same location again.
  • Permalink / share link options would be good
Adding Addresses 10 months ago

nods I know, I have tracks going back several months which I still have to make use of.

Local Chapters v2.0 - A standardised starting point for new contributors 10 months ago

The initial purpose is to answer a lot of the legal questions that have come up from various sectors with regards to local chapters e.g. use of the openstreetmap logo as one example.

Once these questions are answered, it will possibly switch to looking at creating the right framework and tools for local chapters to be created.

Something to remember, there is nothing to stop you setting up a mailing list, irc channel, forum etc for Kenyan members right now. Its what we have done for Ireland and it has worked well for several years so if you think there is a gap and it needs to be filled and would be of benefit to Kenyan members, then you should go right ahead with it.

Folding all those things into an offical local chapter can always happen at a later date