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Village names over 4 years ago

I am wishing to travel in Cyprus one day and using your effort on OSM. :)

萧山地图 over 4 years ago

If you copy Baidu, this will trigger Copyright issue. Suggest to make your own with satellite photo from OSM. OSM is using Bing Satellite photo. Remember, DO NOT make any map with National security and sensitivities info. Have fun.

OSM, my new hobby. OSM开放式地图,我的新爱好 over 4 years ago

To Pieleric, I am glad to know that you will visit Xi'an. And hopefully we might meet up for a quick beer. My Smartphone is Windows Phone 7.5, Made of Samsung. It is a pretty nice quick response device.

新发现 over 4 years ago


OSM, my new hobby. OSM开放式地图,我的新爱好 almost 5 years ago

To lyx, thanks for the reminder, I am glad to be here as well.