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OSM, my new hobby. OSM开放式地图,我的新爱好

Posted by DK317 on 6 March 2012 in Chinese (China) (‪中文(中国大陆)‬)

使用OUTDOOR NAVIGATION APP时,发现可以切换地图至OPEN MAP.发现其坐标定位与精确度要高于谷歌与BING很多。链接到OSM的网站后发现原来这里可以让用户自行开发地图添加路线与地域信息。
使用了一个星期了,分别对我所在的城市西安市的现有路径与地图做了很多的补充与完善。这是个耗费时间与精力的活儿,但是很有趣,当使用SMART PHONE再次行驶在自己制作的地图路线上时,有种欣慰并骄傲的感觉。

While I was using outdoor navigation app on my smartphone, I discovered that there are not only Google maps or Bing Maps only, but a OPEN MAP called OSM. The location information accuracy is much better reflect on this map compares to Google and Bing. After I linked to OSM web, I realized this is a place that user can edit and update the OSM map real time and free. This is cool.

Using the map for a week of time now, updated many roads and area information for Xi'an City. This is a task and job consumes time and energy. But it is very fun. While you are driving on the road created by yourself, this feeling is very proud emotion.

Location: 长安区, 崔家营, 长安区, 西安市, 陕西省, 710086, 中国