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Work done so far... (part 3)

Posted by CroKimba on 21 October 2014 in English (English)

As I was busy with work in my office, as well as with the work on my websites 60 Years of and Booking, not to mention being busy around my 2 tiny tots at my home, I didn't contribute much since my last summary:

  • I continued working on Sierra Leone, I've added a few roads in the Western Area Rural Area and in the Tonkolili District; in the meantime Ebola has spread greatly across the country from the neighboring Guinea, and several HOT tasks have been made, after which the majority of the places I mapped are better mapped
  • after hearing on the news about Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, I took part in several HOT tasks: 343, 344, 348 and 364, and in 30 changesets I've added/changed around 12510 nodes; please visit my HOT Tasking Manager profile and use the "overpass-turbo" feature to see what exact nodes and areas I added
  • because it is well covered by Bing, I started mapping Gornja Kovačica, the place where my love spent her childhood; I must continue work there
  • 9 months ago I started experimenting with the 3D rendering and 3D-micromapping of my city district by adding building levels, roof shapes and roof colors, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results; I did lot of work, but there is also still lot of work to be done; I've used several online websites to view it: OpenScienceMap, OSM Buildings and F4 Map
  • after I've heard that Bing has finally covered Lijevo Sredičko the place where my love's parents have a vacation house, I've started mapping there, surprised by the fact that somebody else has already mapped there by adding the landuse areas

In the past 4 years in total I've added around 292000 nodes, around 29500 ways and 177 relations.

Location: Poljud, Spinut, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21105, Croatia

Work done so far... (part 2)

Posted by CroKimba on 4 October 2013 in English (English)

Here's what I did after contributing to OpenStreetMap for 3 years (around 268000 nodes, around 26100 ways and 168 relations), continuing after the last summary:

  • I've experimented with OpenMapSurfer site and the feature of a building's height in my city, on which its "OSM Roads" base layer rendered the building(s) as 3D objects, but this 3D rendering has unfortunately stopped in the meantime
  • after Bing extended its aerial coverage of the island Hvar, I've continued mapping there
  • I've mapped the Ugljane area (a place in Dalmatia's inland where my friend's parents live)
  • seeing that one of Croatia's outmost islands Sušac is well covered with Bing, I started bringing it to OSM
  • inspired by "Posljednji tango u Đevrskama"("The Last Tango in Đevrske"), a song by famous croatian chansonnier Arsen Dedić, I decided to map the village of the same name, especially because it is well covered with Bing
  • thanks to the HOT Tasking Manager, touched by the news about a terrible earthquake in NW Iran that happened in August 2012 I contributed a bit to the area affected with the earthquake (villages mapped: Azghan,(unknown),(unknown),Maqsudlu,(unknown))
  • because of its decent Bing aerial coverage, I've mapped several small places in Sao Tome and Principe (Dona Augusta and Micondo, and Voz America), and created its OSM Wiki page
  • remembering Namibia, a beautiful country that I visited several years ago, I've decided to map some lodges and places which I've been to (Bagatelle K.G.R., Duwisib Castle, Helmeringhausen, Sossusvlei Lodge, Epacha G.L.), and also some which I've never been to (Aranos, Oshikuku, Outapi, Nkurenkuru), but nevertheless mapped because of their good Bing coverage; some of these places were additionally mapped and improved after I initially mapped them (Helmeringhausen, Aranos and Nkurenkuru)
  • after occasionally stumbling upon Sierra Leone, after reading about it on Wikipedia and on CIA facts page on which some figures really shocked me, and because SL's coat of arms and name appeals to me (as I like lions very much), even though I've never been there I've decided to contribute to its map as much as I can; and so I've mapped several hundred kilometers of roads, several dozens of villages/places and waterways across the Bo District and the Kambia District, and I've contributed to SL's OSM Wiki page by adding content to it and by creating subpages of places, districts and provinces; I've also continued IndoFio's work in SL by completing all district and province boundaries as relations; Bing has recently extended the aerial imagery in the east Kambia District, and so I continued mapping there
  • with help of GPS traces and my own knowledge, I've gradually mapped the new west coast of my city back when it was just a huge construction area, and I've managed to map it after a year or so, adding a new feature immediately after it appeared on-site, although the place still isn't covered by the Bing aerial imagery; I will adjust the map when it becomes accurately covered by Bing
  • I've added to OSM all bicycle routes that I know of on the island Hvar (as it can be seen on and
Location: Poljud, Spinut, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21105, Croatia

Bicycle routes on Hvar completed

Posted by CroKimba on 29 August 2013 in English (English)

I've finally managed to add the remaining bicycle routes on the island Hvar, you can check it out on and

I've listed them on the OSM WiKi page for bicycle routes in Croatia as well (under Bicycle routes and Mountain bike routes).

Location: D116, Poljica, Split-Dalmatia, 21466, Croatia

Routes in Split and on island Hvar

Posted by CroKimba on 23 August 2012 in English (English)

For those who will be visiting my hometown in the near or distant future, I've added relations showing two tour routes, one of Split Vision City Tour that consists of 2 tour buses, and the other of a little tourist train.

I've also added several new bicycle routes on the island Hvar, please check out or

Location: Meje, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21105, Croatia

OpenMapSurfer and the city of Split

Posted by CroKimba on 23 May 2012 in English (English)

Recently I discovered the OpenMapSurfer site and its "OSM Roads" base layer, which shows OSM data in a bit different way, and after I took the look of the old and historical center of my town with it, I thought that this will be interesting for any foreign visitor(s) of my city. I added some of the POIs there, but the streets, buildings, and some of the POIs were made by my fellow mapper idelac.

Location: Toć, Lučac, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21109, Croatia

Doesn't it look great?

Posted by CroKimba on 10 May 2012 in English (English)

After working on the transport lines on the Hvar island, I've decided to add two bicycle routes on that island that I know of, and I've managed to display both of them on the same map with help of (base layer: Cycle Map). I like the way how it showed up. :-)

Location: Šiberija, Stari Grad, Split-Dalmatia, 21460, Croatia

Hello world! :) - work done so far...

Posted by CroKimba on 26 March 2012 in English (English)

After contributing to OpenStreetMap for almost 1,5 years (around 105000 nodes, around 10300 ways and 108 relations) I simply wanted to summarize and to put on paper what I've been doing so far on OSM:

  • I drew my city suburb and the suburb Lučac-Manuš as best as possible thanks to both Bing and (now ex) Yahoo aerial imaginary
  • I've worked on keepright and OSM Inspector errors in my town and its surroundings, before my fellow OSM mappers from my town idelac and ivo_st remapped and fully OSM-ized it
  • based on Bing, I've started drawing Dravlje, the suburb of the city of Ljubljana where we have a flat, but there is still lots of work to be done yet
  • I've been correcting keepright and OSM Inspector errors, as well as removing duplicate nodes (this feature doesn't seem to be working right now), in my country, in Slovenia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as some in Namibia and South Africa (two beautiful countries that I've been to)
  • I drew Novi Jelkovec, the part of Sesvete (a suburb of the city of Zagreb), and added some POIs, both from GPS tracks and from Bing (in the meantime somebody else has added more content to it)
  • using my own knowledge, GPS tracks and Bing, I've done my best in bringing the island of Hvar, my ancestors' birthplace, to OSM (but there is still lots of work to do there)
  • in collaboration with other Croatian mappers I've taken part in the project of remapping my country and bringing it to ODBL, which was quickly completed (in mere 1 month) and Croatia became the first ODBL country in the world :) (except for one node, but that one isn't significant, we have already made another similar); this was also noticed and mentioned by fellow mappers from Germany
  • after a suggestion from my fellow mapper Janjko I've worked on the map of bus routes in my part of town; this has inspired me to create map of the bus routes of the island of Hvar, which is almost done and which you can view here

Currently I'm working on bringing to OSM Pongračevo, the part of the city of Zagreb where my wife's family lives, as well as the town of Pisarovina and its surrounding places, thanks to the new Bing imaginary that has been released in the meantime.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my fellow mappers SilverSpace, idelac, hbogner, 9a4gl, Janjko, dodobas and Darko Boto for introducing and instructing me, as well as helping me with several aspects and elements of OSM. :)

Location: Poljud, Spinut, Grad Split, Split-Dalmatia, 21105, Croatia