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multilingual names in Canada 8 months ago

One thing is that Multilingual requires the locations to have actual different names in different languages, and the number of prominent places where this would come into play are so small that there is very little arguing (and since they are prominent, people are well aware of the language differences, the few I've checked were all appropriately tagged). Small places rarely have different names in use, so the result is that most places have the same name in both languages. Indeed, if the name tag didn't have to bother with the feature type, ("mount", "river" etc.), the issue would be almost nonexistent (formally, though not for OSM, Churchill RIver is considered the same in French because "Churchill" doesn't change whether you're talking it in French or in English).

What feature to tag with the name (e.g. with the St. Lawrence River) seems more likely to be problematic.

Are you joking ?? about 1 year ago


Actually, it's located here.

Hamlets in US cities about 3 years ago

My pet theory is that a lot of those are in fact historical placenames. The data used to be, (dunno if it's been cleaned up...) polluted with thousands of historical, now invalid PoI for old schools or places of worship...

Local Knowledge over 3 years ago

Sounds like it. With a description= tag noting how this is (as I understand from your post) an actual hazard.

Where have all the boundaries gone? about 4 years ago

The problem is that relation-based boundaries cannot be rendered in a way that guarantees all the ways of the same admin_level will actually look the same. Bot to mention that you end up with a whole bunch of ways in the database with no tags actually indicating what they are.

The result is that a significant portion of the world's boundaries render poorly because of bad tagging.

Boundary relationships are a good thing to have, but using them for rendering turns out to have been a less-then-ideal decision.

US County boundary relations about 4 years ago

There's something weird going on with California, though. Why is LA county bordered at the maritime state boundary, but (AFAICT) not Orange county?

Land Use versus Residential Private Property almost 5 years ago

"there is very little markings within OSM specifically for laying out trails meant primarily for offroad vehicles - Quads, trikes, etc."

OSM assumes most "highway" are useable by motor vehicles, on foot and bicycle. Access tags should not be overlooked when dealing in this area! highway=track+access=no+ATV=yes

The only reason the ATV tag has not gained much attention is that all-terrain vehicles are little used overseas, but that doesn't mean that the basic rule of "when in doubts, use whatever new tag you think fits" has lost validity! (worst case, if another use become dominant, your original tagging will be changed to that other tag later on)

addr:housenumber en France almost 5 years ago

Moi j'en ai (peut-être) une: La loi de Benford est connue pour s'appliquer aux adresses. Puisque les numéros commençant par 1 sont au final 7 fois plus nombreux que ceux commençant par 9, j'imagine qu'un plus grand nombre de 10 que de 9 n'est pas si surprenante, quoique moi aussi la raison en cause sur le terrain m'échappe.

Qu'est ce qui peut aller dans OSM (ou pas) about 5 years ago

Je suis bien d'accord concernant les bureaux de votes: de toutes façons, ce ne sont pas plus des éléments ni permanents ou même semi-permanents (du moins en Amérique du nord). En soi, cela même est suffisant pour les disqualifier entièrement!

Qu'est ce qui peut aller dans OSM (ou pas) about 5 years ago

Je croyais que la limite c'est "ce qui existe sur le terrain (sous entendu au dessus du sol) de manière visible"? Avec certaines incursions dans les trucs comme les frontières (car elles ont un impact et une certaine présence sur le terrains, même si ce ne sont pas nécessairement quelque chose de directement visible). En ce sens, les "zones de risque" et autre "zones de couvertures" ne sont pas valides car pas représentatives de trucs présents sur le terrains (contrairement à disons, un emplacement de caméra ou de hotspot wifi).

About Tags: need info about correct tagging rules in several languages over 6 years ago

Two keys have been introduced (though their acceptance is unclear), which can (presumably) use the :language extension forwhat you want todo: taxon and habitat.

Dammit over 8 years ago

I'm regfering to diary entries, not the map XD

Identical relation conflicting over 8 years ago

I completely agree about the usefulness of indicating postcodes, but I am dubious about the necessity of giving them separate relations when they are identical to an existing one. Just changing the boundary type would fix the problem, though. boundary=postal would likely be sufficient. After all these will almost certainly never be displayed on the default OSM map, so whatever value is chosen really doesn't matter much.

Just a general hello over 8 years ago

The US postcode is free, but IIRC, the USPS does not sell an actual complete version of it (private companies do, or try to, however).

Caved in... over 8 years ago

"The ability to add extra nodes on a way is very useful, somethig Potlatch cannot do."

What the hell are you talking about? Maj+Click is easy as pie :p

Caved in... over 8 years ago

Scratch it to my idiocy: I searched and searched and couldn't find the damn thing. I'll investigate further another time.

Missing Feature or Missing the Instructions? over 8 years ago

As a side not, the "US-78 US-29 GA-8" information would be put in the ref= tag.

Haldenbourg over 8 years ago

Baaah, à Westmount (Québec), les panneaux de rues ne disent même pas si c'est une rue ou une avenue!

Australian Postcodes.... over 8 years ago

Having a free half-hour, I have compiled a list of placenames corresponding to these DAs if that's any use.

Newbie - working on São Paulo - SP: Vila Romana, Agua Branca, Consolação and whatever more I can... over 8 years ago

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